Sunday, September 30, 2012

20 Months!

I really can't believe in four short months you will be's hard to believe that time is going by so quickly!!

What you are up to these days....

Weight - about 25 lbs

Wearing 18-24 months clothes

Size 4 diapers

You ar e FINALLY taking an interest in walking. You will let go and walk to us about 6-7 steps and think about walking to get things but I still think you won't be a full walker until around your second birthday. 

You LOVE the past week you have decided a few times that you wanted me to hurry and leave in the mornings and that you didn't want to stop and leave from playing in the afternoons. I thought for a minute that I was sad about it but then I realized that I am so thankful that you are in a place where they love you and have such a great time :)

We think your top canines are finally trying to come in and you haven't been your happy self all of the time but I know it will all go back to normal once they finally break through. 

You also have this rash around your face that we can't figure out what is causing it so we have started eliminating foods and other things for trial and error. We have an appointment with the dermatologist in a week to see what's going on.

You have started to repeat EVERYTHING we say...I told your daddy to watch out..ha!

You are my little smarty pants according to Ms. Nadia and of course your mommy and daddy. You will surprise us all the time with what you can say and what you remember when we point to things. You can imitate most all animal sounds and even say what some of them are when we point at them. You can identify an apple when we point it out and most of the time the color yellow. I think it's pretty impressive.

Fish are your obsession right now and I know it's because you get to go see the fish everyday in the bye-bye buggy. 

You also still love some water..or as you call it "agua" you are my little spanish speaking kiddo..ha! 

You love to read books, can entertain yourself very well by getting into everything in the house. Your favorite thing is to pull everything out of any cabinet you can get into. 

You are obsessed with shoes and ask to put them on immediately when you get up in the mornings (that's my girl)

Jason works a lot during the week so you don't get to see him as much but every afternoon we get home you immediately start screaming "daddy! daddy" you just don't understand that he isn't home.

Zeus is still your favorite and you used to love to feed him but here lately you are not happy when he is under or near your high start screaming NO to him and he looks so sad..LoL

You still love talking to your Gigi on the phone every night..some nights you will talk her ear off and others I think you are just too tired.

You hair is getting so long but I still won't cut those beautiful curls so we are managing pretty well these days.

I am so glad it is cooling off here and hopefully we can get outside more because you love going outdoors. 

You are still a pretty good eater most days and the school lunch is agreeing with you also (although we are afraid that may be one of the reasons your face is breaking out :( )

You are SO loud (don't know where you get that from) sometimes that we feel like you echo through the entire house. You are pretty good when we go out in public not to do it but sometimes you just get to excited you can't help yourself.

You still love going to gymnastics and are getting better each week with the different positions and poses they are teaching you. Your most favorite part is the when when you get all of your stamps!

You love when we clap and praise you, which we would do anyways but I think we overly do it now so you will walk to us..ha!

Enough with the pictures mom...but know that we LOVE LOVE LOVE you to the moon and back little diva!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day!!!


I just have to say I threw this backdrop and scene up on a spur of the moment thought in our back yard one morning last weekend and I have to say that I am VERY impressed with my amateur photography skills..LoL (that is just wrapping paper duck taped to our fence, yes very classy..ha) Of course it does help that I have the MOST ADORABLE little subject to photograph! I was also very happy with how her finger painting signs turned out.

I got 8X10 made of the pictures like this for all of the grandparents...they didn't have the zebra print around the outside but they were red and had the photos set up just like above.
I hope they loved them :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Loving...

Prepare yourself for LOTS of summer photos..I finally am getting to a quick over view of a summer of great memories that went by WAY too fast!!!

Alexander's Dr. Seuss birthday party

Lots of swimming at the Watson's pool!

First trip to library to see the puppet show...which she loved!

First trip to see the circus, thank you Gigi

Was trying to get warmed up to Grandma

Getting to hang out with my awesome cousins :)

Turned 17 months :)

Ate my first eat of corn and went to town on it!

Daddy got me my favorite chair that I love curling up in to watch tv

Went to Tobi's wedding and flirted with the grooms son :)

Went to the park and played, played, played...until it got WAY to hot!

Had my first play date :)

Gigi came to town and re did my entire playroom...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

Had my first dentist appointment and had great results and was a good girl.

Fourth of July!!

Learned to climb on EVERYTHING!!

Went to granny and papa's where he sang to me and I LOVED it.

First trip to the Tot Spot at the children's museum, drumming it up!!

Turned 18 Months :)

First french braid!!

Lots of swimming in the back yard...until Zeus bit a hole in this swimming pool..ha!

Had hot pink super cute toes all summer long!

Some more climbing!

Gigi had this sweet set up for me at her house...she loves me SO much!

Another picture from Tobi's wedding

We had so much fun this summer...I love that I get to spend those short 10 weeks with her and know each summer we will do bigger and better things. The memories will continue to just get better as well. This little girl is my WORLD and I couldn't imagine one day without her. Thank you Lord for blessing me with this amazing gift!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where has the time gone...19 Months!!

Well little Miss 19 Month old, not much has changed within the last month!
Weigh about 24 pounds and still wearing size 4 diapers and 18-24 month clothes.

We have now progressed from the Lyla shuffle on your bottom to upright walking on your knees. I know one day you will eventually just get up and walk J We are no longer going to therapy since I have gone back to work and her schedule doesn’t allow her to have a 4:00 spot. We are monitoring her going back to daycare and if no progression in the next month then we will figure something else out.

Starting back to daycare has really thrown her off these past two weeks but Friday when I dropped her off she didn’t cry and she even slept two hours during her nap. I am sure this will all change come Monday as she is moving up to the number 2 room which means no more crib..YIKES! Her napper came in and we have been trying to lay on it in her playroom so she is used to it but I know it will be a huge change for her come tomorrow. I am sure they have trained several children to sleep on them but it just makes me very nervous. Thankfully they did tell me that they have an emergency crib in there which I have a feeling she might be in there come tomorrow..LoL

You are a girl of MANY words. You will just sit and talk (we have no idea what you are saying most of the time) but it is fun trying to figure it out. Some words don’t sound very nice for example her “what’s this” sounds like a lovely four letter word that starts with an S…ha!The other day I asked you what something was and you responded with "it is a fish" I almost fell over because it was like you were making a complete sentence and like seriously mom I know it's a fish..ha!

You still love watching some TV but if we turn it off you will immediately go over and start playing with your toys.

You love crayons and coloring but you are still bad about eating the crayons (lol) so we have to limit it. I did find some finger paint that only paints on paper at Target today so I am sure she is going to love that.

You love to get your picture made and say cheese anytime you know I am taking your picture.

It's so funny because you will only really stand up when the Hotdog song is playing at the end of the Mickey Mouse show...maybe I need to record it and just start playing it over and over :)

You have started giving the dogs a run for their money…they run away and hide from you most of the time.

You are such a sweet and loving girl. You give so many hugs and kisses and it just melts my heart.

You are still going to gymnastics and LOVE have started getting up and dancing to the music! I love it!!!

You love to make a fort in the sheets and hide under it with your daddy, you think it is the funniest thing!

You still love anything with pasta in it and are getting better about eating new things too. I hope it continues because starting Monday you will be eating lunch from the cafeteria at daycare. A lot less work on me and a fresh hot meal, so I think it will work out great!

You know all of your body parts, can mimic most of the animal sounds we give you and when we ask you to say your ABC's you will say A, A, A..only a few more letters to learn..ha! You love for us to sing you the 1-4 song off of Sesame Street and any nursery rhyme will catch your attention too.

We love you to the moon and back and you fill our days with so much joy and we can't imagine life without you!!!