Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Once it's time for Thanksgiving I get so excited because I know it is time I will get to spend with all of my family and truly see what I have to be thankful for. Even better I get three entire weeks about of school with in a month and a half time span :)


We had a wedding to go to the weekend before Thanksgiving so we weren't able to head home to our families until the next week. Us at the wedding...Jason can never take a normal photo...

Of course Jason had to watch football on Sunday so we ended up leaving for our families on Monday morning.

The best part of my break was a girls day out with my granny. We went shopping for all of the great-grandkiddos Christmas gifts. We had so much fun, I can't remember the last time the two of us went shopping together. I spent the night with them that night and we had a good ol fashion present wrapping party with Papa playing his guitar and singing to us. (He was trying to get me to pick out a song for him to sing in church on Sunday. I have attached a video of him singing and me being a big ol baby in the background because I go back to my spoiled little girl days when I am around them..ha!) These are the memories I never want to forget as I get older.

I got up the next morning and "helped" PaPa haul logs. You see I am sitting on the four Wheeler which is my helping while he is back there working away :)

Everyone was really mad when I got waffles the next morning and they didn't. Granny always knows her sweet baby loves her waffles, another favorite memory of mine.

My friend from work Jennifer got married during the break also. She got married in this awesome building at the University of Houston. No lights needed with all of the windows in this building :)

Thanksgiving break was great, Jason and I ended up spending Thanksgiving apart..which was not ideal but with our families living nearly 4 hours apart it is hard to fit it all in. We both had a good time and headed back to Houston for a few more weeks of work until we head back home to do it all over again.


It snowed in Houston, this is like one in the 30 times in history it has snowed down here, so Zeus went out and played a little :

For Christmas break Jason and I decided to drive up in one car this time, to save on gas. Mason stayed at moms from Thanksgiving so we only had Zeus with us this time.

He dropped me off in New Boston and off he went to spend a few days in Arkansas before coming back to spend Christmas Eve with my family.

I got to finally meet my precious niece Adeline and spend a little time with my two BFF's Amanda and Lindsey, it was so not enough time though. Another exciting event was that Granny, Mom and I got to take another shopping trip all together. It was so much fun. It was just enough that I got to go with granny once, but to add mom into the equation this time made it amazing. I forgot how much fun we used to have all together and it made me miss it even more this time.

I got Granny and Mom addicted to Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks...I think my granny has got her friend Joylen hooked on them now as well. Here is a picture of them enjoying them.

Christmas Eve came and Jason came back to New Boston to spend time with my family at Granny and PaPa's. We loaded up that night and took of to Arkansas to spend Christmas Day with his family. We stayed there a few days and hung out with his family but time sure does fly because before I knew it we were heading back to Houston.

New Years...

Buffalo Wild Wings shuts down early and has a private party for all of their regular customers, yes regular customers...Jason loves his wings and sports..ha. It was a lot of fun they cooked like 10 times too much food but it was all really good. We brought in the New Year and then headed home. A few pics from the night...

Dee and I at the party.

Jason and I at the party.

I have probably forgotten something since I waited so long to post this, but I got the important stuff in here that I want to remember.