Sunday, March 25, 2012

14 can it be!!!

Lyla Faith I can't believe you are 14 months. You have grown so fast and your little personality comes out more and more each day.

~You weigh about 24-25 lbs
~Wearing size 3 diapers
~18 months clothes.
~You are still not walking but we do start going to see a PT this week to see what they can help you with each week. I know you are going to just get up and take off any day because you are one strong willed girl that does what you want at your own time and pace. You are crawling like you are on fire though. I look at you one minute and you are in your playroom and the next clear on the other side of the house.
~You are eating all table food now and will eat almost anything. You eat better at home than you do daycare but I think it's because you get distracted there and you love taking your time to eat. You are also drinking regular organic milk really well.
~You still love going to daycare, which makes me very happy! They say you love doing lessons and story time. Ms. Nadia and the other teachers talk about how smart you are and that makes me very happy.
~You have started this crazy laugh growl thing that cracks your daddy and me up. He says you got it from me but I am not sure where it came from. You are a such a little vain diva also..ha! You love watching videos of yourself and when you see your reflection you will stop and admire yourself for several minutes :)
~You cut four teeth last week and now have a total of 12, a mouth full! I hope we are done for awhile.
~You are a great sleeper now. If I don't have to get you up at 6:15 for daycare then you will sleep until 8 or 9 most days.
~You are still a TV junkie and love hearing any kind of music, but since the weather has warmed up we have been trying to go outside more and you are loving that as well.
~You love your paci but we try to only give it to you at nap and bedtime.
~You talk up a storm so there is no telling what you are going to have to say when you really can tell us what you think.

You are such a joy to your daddy and me and we can't wait to see you grow more and more each month! We love you to the moon and back.

11 weeks....

That is how many more weeks until it's all summer long days with my little diva!
She had a hard time getting up Monday morning (as did I). She was not happy the first two mornings I dropped her off but by Wednesday she remembered how much she loves going to school. Ms. Nadia said that she has to do the classroom lesson first with Lyla because she is so excited when it's time to sit in her seat to learn (oh how I hope this continues..ha) She did great the rest of the week and oh how we were both ready to sleep in Saturday morning.
Jason went out of town earlier in the week and I haven't been sleeping well when he is gone and to add to that the dogs were pacing the floors as well. I was in desperate need of an adult night thank goodness my wonderful husband said he would get Lyla down for bed Friday night so I could meet my friends down for road for some good vent sessions and laughs!!! I had to end up waking Lyla up around 9 Saturday morning for breakfast and she was already back down for her morning nap by 10:30 and slept an hour and a half!!! She was a tired girl!
Saturday we went and met one of Jason's buddy's in league city to test his jet skis for the season and let Lyla get some much needed vitamin D. It was a beautiful day outside and she loved getting to swing and take in all the people watching. We left there and got some good BBQ and then headed home where baby girl passed out at 7:30 again!!
We went and visited a church a few weeks ago and liked it okay and were planning on going back but with the time change and Lyla's late sleeping has pushed back her morning naps so I am afraid to take a non nap grouch to church nursery. She is going through this stage where she only wants me and Jason at times but that is it, so it's hard. I know we will get back in the routine soon just a matter of time :)
We have another busy week ahead of us and we start therapy this week so we will see how it goes.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break is over...sigh!!!

Well we didn't have an eventful spring break but it was a good one!
We started the break off with a check up on the tubes we got put in Lyla's ears back in December and the doctor said that they couldn't look any better and that she would see us back in 6 months :)
We decided to go ahead and let a PT do a evaluation on Lyla to see what they said on Tuesday. She said she could see nothing wrong with her and she puts weight on her legs, just seems as we said has found other forms of getting around and has no want to walk. The only thing she said but was not a concern is that she still likes to curl her toes up and that could be to do with her reflexes but no worries there. She said she could work with her one day a week for a few weeks to see if we could get her to stand for longer than the 30-45 seconds she is now to build strength in her legs and she also gave us some exercises at home to do to get those little toes uncurled :)
We headed for Gigi's on Wednesday and had a great trip there. We went and visited granny and papa on Thursday (and terrible me didn't get one picture) Lyla has been cutting teeth and hadn't had a good nap that day. Thankfully papa took us for a ride in the rhino and she passed smooth out..ha! Again another reason of needing to live in the country. Friday we did a little shopping and every night Gigi made us a delicious homemade meal and Lyla got to spend a lot of time outside..which she loved. We got up Saturday morning and headed back home.
We went and had a good St. Patty's dinner with the Watson's and we all came home and crashed. We didn't make it to church this morning because Lyla took an almost two hour nap this morning. I guess she is catching up since for now all four of the teeth that were trying to come through did...yay! I am afraid we are no where close to being finished though because I felt two more knots on the bottom.
We went on a stroller ride this afternoon and got some swing time in now we have had dinner, bath and are winding down for the night and getting ready to get back in the routine tomorrow. Yes, I have already counted and only 12 more weeks until summer break!!! I can do this..ha!
Hope you all had a great spring break!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy/biting baby + computer crash = much needed break!!!

Well to say the least it has been a rough start to my week! I finally got my weekend caught up and everything planned out and Lyla and I tried out a new church on Sunday. We really enjoyed it but I think the devil was not very happy because he started digging away at my week slowly but surely.
It started Sunday when we went to open our computer (which has all of Lyla's pictured saved on it, not backed up) long story short...after a trip to the apple store and only getting half of the pictures saved they are saying it has to be completely wiped out! Then Monday I was in my classroom and my fridge started making a terrible noise and after letting it rest over night I tried it again this morning and it also has decided to play out. Then I go to pick up Lyla after daycare and I get an accident report to fill out because my child has bit another child on the back today...GOOD GRIEF!! Is it spring break yet?!?!
I also have been back and forth with her teacher on the fact that of we say it's okay for her to have her paci then that is our choice. Lyla was off the bottle at 11 months, is teething and I quit nursing her last week so she is going through some serious transitions and that is her security blanket. So her being frustrated and hurting I feel contributed to the incident today, at least I pray my justification is correct. I know that this too shall pass but it's still hard dealing with it at the moment, just like the things we have already been through and many years to come :)
She is also all over the minute she is in her playroom the next she is no telling where! She loves to play with doors which worries me but it is so cute to see her say "HI" when she opens it and "BYE" when she closes it..ha!
I think she knew Ms Nadia was telling on her though because she will never tell her bye and today when she was telling me and I was telling her that wasn't nice she looked at Nadia and said!! She also blew spit kisses to her daddy this morning...oh my!!
Even though she is my little mischievous diva I wouldn't trade any of it for the money in the world!!

And PS totally realized I have the blog app for my iPad so I think this will be much easier to keep up with now :)
Only three days until the start of my MUCH needed week break!!!