Saturday, May 26, 2012

16 months

Happy 16 Months Lyla Faith

You more and more each day bring so much joy to our lives. You are FULL of personality :)

wearing size 3 diapers 

weighing about 27 lbs 

wearing 18 months clothes & 2 1/2 size shoe still

12 teeth (that you fight with em to brush every night)

You love the Ipad as showing above..ha! Still a lover of all TV shows on Sprout and the Baby channel. Elmo is still your all time favorite but you are really getting into some of the shows on the baby channel too.

You still love going to daycare and we hope to keep you involved in some activities this summer to keep you front not being so spoiled one on one this summer :)

Still a big chicken, cheese, fruits, pretty much will eat most anything we put in front of you.
Love drinking milk and juice out of your sippy cups but will only drink water if it is through a straw in a regular cup we hold or your sippy cut with a straw.

You are still going to thearpy once a week and we have had to let you go back alone because you work so much better when we aren't around. You are doing a lot better with your standing but you still will not pull all of the way up or do your excercises at home with us. The therapist said last week even more than the week before your walking is completely "behavioral" which means that you just DON'T want to do it.

You are very strong willed and hard headed sometimes and we have just let you throw your little fits at times but overall you are such a good little girl. You are happy and very content with anything we give you to do.

You have started wanting to love on a baby doll and it's super sweet.

You also love either me or your daddy holding you and you will go back and forth either leaning in for one of us to kiss your forehead then back to the other for another kiss (it's the sweetest thing) or you will take your hand and have me kiss it then have your daddy kiss it and back and forth with that as well. You are such a loving little girl and it makes this momma so happy,

You are all over the place crawling and will walk on your knees from one place to another with ease most of the time. You have started to show more interest in sitting on your rocking horse and little scooter.

You are a water have got to go swimming twice already this summer and love baths are your favorite time of the day.

You and the dogs are still getting along pretty well. 

You are still a great sleeper at night and pretty good for your naps. You are still taking two a day for right now.

You are a lover of your paci..we try and only give it to you at nap and bedtime..but sometimes you see if laying out and go crazy for it :)

I can't wait to spend the summer with you and watch you grow and learn so many new things.

You still love music and dance to it when it is on.

peek-a-boo game is still super fun

You have a lot of words in your vocabulary but only a few that you use consistently
my momma - dada - baby - bye-bye - hello - hi - uh-oh - ball - hot

You have the funniest laugh and it seems like you are mocking people when they laugh. You have started trying to mimic a lot of things people do.

She still loves to give her daddy a hard time which I see this happening for many years to come.

She loves talking to her Gigi on the phone every night. She is getting pretty good and saying Hi Gigi and Bye Gigi. 

She has started patting me on the chest and saying my mommy (this makes me tear up some times..ha)


We love you to the moon and back Lyla Faith!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two weeks worth....

Well these past two weeks have seemed to DRAG on but we were so busy with everything I have not even slowed down for much.

Last weekend was mother's day and I had a great weekend. Lyla and I just hung out while Jason was at work on Saturday and then he got called back to work on Sunday morning. I was kind of bummed but I am used to his crag schedule so I just went ahead and got Lyla ready for baby dedication at church. They took some pictures while we were there so I am just waiting to get them back from the photographer. Lyla did so great that morning for the dedication part and through most of the church nursery but about 10 minutes before the service was over they paged me to come pick her up. She was just so exhausted and I had put together her little pool on Saturday and I'm afraid swimming for just a little bit gave her another stuffy nose so she was bot sleeping well.

Eating some yummy applesauce while grocery shopping :)

I finally got word back about the changes being made at work and I had really just prayed about what God wanted me to do and it actually worked out a lot better than what was expected. If it just stays put in stone with no more major moves then I have his crazy feeling that I will survive the school year and it will just be another stepping block in my career and a learning experience I needed. My kiddos along with myself already have the summer blues so these last few weeks are just creeping by and just craziness has set in. I am so ready for this last full week to be over and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from there.

This weekend was crammed full of lots of fun. We usually don't do much on the weekends because either Jason is working, Lyla or myself are exhausted, or just lazy...ha! My friend Katie's birthday was this weekend so she decided to have a pool party and it worked out great because it was right down the street at the Watson's apt. We have a great time but I obviously forgot I have not been out in the sun like that in a long time so pretty much got super toasty. Lyla loves being outside but it was nice that Jason could just run her home for her nap and then come back. They all made plans to go out afterwards and Jason was planning on watching Lyla and after being in the sun all day I knew there was probably no way I could make it...BUT I don't ever go out and have a free night without my little diva so I sucked it up and got ready to head out on the town :) It was really nice getting to go out and chat it up with my peeps, it was a much needed night out.
Today was the last day of the strawberry festival so we decided to face the heat again today and the Watson's joined us to yet again burn just a little more...ha. It was nothing spectacular but at least we weren't hermits as usually and got out of the house to do something. I did indulge in a chocolate dipped cheesecake (it was worth every bite) and Lyla had her first experience of getting bit (nibbled) on the toe by a duck..ha! She laughed about it and as usual I got no pictures of today but we overall had a great weekend and I am so not ready to get this week started. Another busy week ahead of us so I'm hoping it goes by quickly.

Just call me Diva at the pool

Sunburned mama!!

Are you hungry Zeus?!?!

I am not amused with this morning picture mom!!!

One of the nights she decided momma and daddy's bed was a much better place to be..thankfully that only lasted one night!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Could it go any slower...

This was probably the slowest and ended up being the most crazy week ever....

Thank goodness that I have this little Diva to keep my sanity and make my world away from work the best escape ever. Now if these four weeks will just go by so I can spend the entire summer with her. 

She has started wanting to sleep and love on her baby melts my heart :)

Here she is for class pictures at school this week..she is such a happy girl!

With granny and papa when they came into town on Sunday..we were so happy to get to spend the afternoon with them. We miss them TERRIBLY and hopefully the reports were better than what we thought and we will be going to visit them from now on and no more trips to Houston for them.

Softball Wednesdays are Lyla's favorite and most tiring day of the week. She gets to bed way past her usual time but she loves being outside and playing with all of the kids there.
We call her Monster the Mascot..ha!

My happy sweet girl :)

Another picture of picture day morning..she would not let that paci go..but she gave me a smile behind it..ha!!

The most beautiful view on my way to work every morning.

This weekend we aren't doing much of anything. Jason got called into work unexpectedly this morning so we went to the grocery store and then back home for a nap. Speaking of my terrible week as soon as I finish this I on to searching for jobs and working on my resume incase things don't pan out like I thought they were for next year. I am trying to look at the bright side of the news I received on Friday morning, but it is hard when the reasonings felt unjust. I know that God has led me to every place in my life for a reason so as always I will continue to give it to him and know he again will guide me to the place where I am needed the most.

We have baby dedication at church tomorrow, and I afraid Jason won't be able to make it because of his work schedule but I am glad we are able to do it in the church we have been going to for a bit now. 

Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kelly's Korner

Kelly's post for this week is connecting with blogger friends in your area. I know people all over read her blog so i figured there were a few blogger moms that were in the Houston area :)
We have lived in Houston for about 6 years now and I know we are missing out on some good places to explore especially now that we have our daughter Lyla. I teach 5th grade here in the area and my daughter is 15 months old. Would love to hear ideas or know of play groups in the area as I am will be out for summer break in a few weeks and am looking for activities to do with my little diva.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!