Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 months

My how time flies Lyla Faith

I can't believe you are 10 months old. (Well yesterday, but we were traveling so we are a day behind)

You are wearing size three diapers and wear 12-18 months clothes

You also weigh about 20lbs

You love to eat :) You go through phases but overall you are a really good eater. You eat a lot of table foods because you love to feed yourself. You still are eating some pureed food that I make. You love some grilled chicken, cheese and mandarin oranges. I think you would eat that every meal of you could. We need to venture out and try some other things we just have been so busy that was just easy to do. You still nurse when you wake up, bedtime, and if you are at daycare a bottle at 9 & 1 and nurse at those times also if we are home. I attempted to start weaning you when we were on break but that didn't go over so well with your routine being all messed up so we will try and start again this week. 

You are still not crawling but will roll from one side of the house to the other if we would let you. You do get up on all fours but if we see you rocking back and forth you drop to your belly and start kicking your feet :) We know you will pick it up sooner or later. I am afraid you are going to over night hit the floor running and your dadd and I are going to be in some kind of trouble. 

We went out of town for Thanksgiving this past week and you didn't do very well. You have been very clingy to me here lately so that did not help with everyone wanting to hold you. You also have never slept in your pack n play and that didn't go as planned either. I don't know if you just didn't have enough room in there or if you knew you were in the same room as us and could scream until we picked you up. We had a really good time visiting with family I just wish you would have had a better trip, but I know it's hard on you being out of your element and going through changes but we are going back for Christmas in a few weeks and I hope it is a better trip.

You still love the dogs and watching them run around and play. 

You are still doing really great at daycare. They have a even started a full curriculum in your 6-12 month class and they say that you are loving it. They send a folder home every Friday with all of the fun arts and crafts you have done. It is so cute and I am going to be one of those mom's that keeps everything so we are going to have to create a storage box for them.

You are SUCH a happy and lovable baby. You still love to give your daddy a hard time and will not have anything to do with him most of the time but I have to keep telling him that you are a momma's girl now but it won't be long when you will be all about him.

You love to take baths but we realized it's also how much you love your bath ducky. We were still getting things but up when we got home and we put you in here with some toys and you played for ever. You looked so cute reading your book in there :)

You still love being your in your bouncy

Elmo is your favorite thing to watch on TV (yes, you still are a TV junky) 

We got you a new car seat and you are loving having all of the room to move around.

You squeal SO loud sometimes that we just get so tickled at your. You love to play patty-cake, wave and say bye-bye and make noises when I or you pat your hand over your mouth. I am afraid you are going to be one loud and rowdy girl. You have started squirming all over the place when you are in our laps and think you need to get a hold of everything (and put it in your mouth, of course) 

You are our entire world and we love you to the moon and back!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ugh..I hate when I don't blog for so long but with working full time and basically a single mom Monday-Friday, these days I just don't have time for anything. We have had lots of exiting things going on just not enough time to sit down and write about them. 

Daycare - 
They started a curriculum with Lyla's age group of babies. I thought it was kind of silly at first because I knew she would have no idea what the number 4 or the letter G and all of the other activities that were on the lesson plan calendar they gave me a few weeks ago BUT I have to say even though she doesn't it seems wonderful. Her teacher Ms. Nadia seems to think that Lyla loves it when they have class. There are four kiddos in her class and I think they set a time to sit down with each of them individually to do the lesson. She is not only learning about all of these things they also teach them the lesson using sign language and the terms in Spanish. Along with that she gets to paste things on paper and they said her favorite is finger painting. She came home with a folder FULL of things she had done the previous week and it just made my heart melt. 

Along with lessons she just all of a sudden came home from daycare the other day and I sat her on the floor to see her doing this....

I couldn't believe my eyes I grabbed my camera as fast as I could and snapped this picture. She still doesn't have the whole crawling thing down yet but I know any day now she will put it all together. I am sure by the time we go see Gigi in a few days she will be showing off her skills. 

She has also FINALLY learned to was driving me crazy because she loved it when I would clap her hands together but she would never do it on her own. Again one day we were sitting in the floor playing and her music was playing and she just started clapping :)

Oh goodness this mouth full of teeth is really getting the best of us. She really hasn't been that bad with getting them in, but she has gotten so many at one time I think it is really starting to take a toll on her. She still only has the two on the bottom but we have number's 5 and 6 coming in on the top. We also started really brushing her teeth this past week and this kid started to show out. I usually brush them for her and then she likes to chew on the toothbrush. Well I guess with those new teeth coming in it feels good on her gums so we got a really good video of me trying to tell her we were done and taking the brush away. She threw the biggest temper tantrum...I hope it was just because she was tired and hurting because she didn't do it tonight but I kind of tricked her and gave her another toy to make her drop the brush..LoL

We have also been consumed planning and getting everything together for Birthday #1 it will be here before we know it so we want to make sure we have it all together!! 

That is about it for the past week. I am so ready for this week to be over and we get a nice relaxing 7 day break. Well not too relaxing because a lot of it will be traveling but it will still be nice to get out of Houston and enjoy some country living for awhile. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zoo, Halloween and 9 Month Check up

We just hung around the house Saturday and rested but Sunday was a different story. I had heard about Boo at the Zoo and knew Lyla loves being outside and thought I could get some really good pictures. I figured Jason would not be happy about going but I think he had a really good time and it was fun getting out doing something as our little family. 

Lyla did so well, but I knew she would because she is a total people watcher and LOVES being outside. She really wasn't too worried about many of the animals was just looking at all that was going on. 

She is such a silly girl when she is with her daddy!!

Happy Girl! This picture makes my heart melt :)

This one cracks me up..but this is totally her. She will stare people down like this so when this iguana caught her eye she was all about it. 

Monday was Halloween...we had a doctors appointment first so I was afraid how her pictures would turn out but she did really well with her iron check and two shots..even with an ear infection that we found out she has AGAIN (so frustrating) 

Daddy says a little piggy now but a future lady razorback 

I mean I know I am partial but this is most certainly the cutest little thing in the world :)

Sweet girl!!

*I think I have a problem when I take pictures..I can't pick just a few so I always upload all of them..ha! I could not be a photographer because I could sit in front of the computer trying to go back and forth and edit and delete some of the ones I took I just can't bring myself to doing it..LoL

Doctors appointment  update....
I am making an appointment with Texas Children's ENT in the next few weeks. Praying that everything works out and we don't have to get tubes.   We also have to go back and see eye doctor in the next month because her eye still seems to be draining at times as well. She got her follow up booster for her flu shot, polio shot and had to get her iron checked. She did really well with all of them. Her stats are as follows;

Height: 28in - 57%
Weight: 18 lbs 12 oz - 42%
Head Circumference: 18in - 89%

I am really doctored out with everything that has been going on...So we aren't supposed to go back again until 12 months and I hope we can keep it that way.