Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 17 Months!!!

I am a day late getting this up but 
Happy 17 Months Lyla Faith!!! Our love for you grows more and more with each passing month!

You probably weigh about 25 lbs (getting way to heavy to carry..ha)

Size 4 diapers & 18 month clothes

Still in a size 3 shoe...we think it has grown just a little but not much.

You still go to therapy once a week and you are progressing perfectly well each month. Ms. Margarita thinks that you will be walking by your 18 month mark, so we shall see! 

You do all the things you are supposed to at therapy but at home you are just a CLIMBER...if you can get up on your tip-toes, hike your leg up and get a grip you are onto whatever it is you can find! 

You are a water and outside girl but it has been so hot here lately we haven't been able to do much of either. Your Gigi bought you a fancy little pool so hopefully when we go there this weekend you will get to play a lot outside. 

You have a large vocabulary but you still aren't consistent with saying all of your words when asked. Your favorites here lately are nite-nite, nose, &, my mommy.

You love for daddy to hide in the covers and you find him. It is so funny when you do find him because you go as fast as you can and just fall into him, I know this makes his days.

You are still sleeping really well but there are a few nights here lately when you have woke up in the middle of the night for a few hours screaming...I think you may be having nightmares or your tummy hurts.

You haven't been the best eater here lately either. You are going through spurts and I have tried coming up with new things for you to eat but most of those haven't worked either. I am sure it's just a stage and you will eat when you get ready. 

You are such a happy girl and are SO funny. We just sit back and watch you and laugh hysterically most nights. You are full of personality and it makes my heart melt.

You are so easy to take places because you are such a people watcher (you don't like going to them) but as long as they keep their distance you are fine with just staring at them :)

Your hair is in beautiful curls but it is crazy to me how long it is when we wet it in the bathtub at night. I don't know how much longer we are going to go without getting at least your bangs cut because they are driving me crazy being in your face.

I think you are really missing daycare and playing with your friends so I hope when you go back in a month the transition will be easy. You do love going to gymanstics once a week also.

You still love to chase the dogs around but most of the time you both keep your distance from each other. 

You do this cute thing when I ask you where your mommy is you pat your chest and say My Mommy :)

You scream out DADDY!!! When he walks away or I ask you where he is

You have done a lot better with your cruising around furniture until you are ready to climb

You have also started trying to stand in the middle of the floor without anything in front of you..which also makes me think you are getting the hang of this walking too

You hate when we close the baby gate behind you, you will stand behind it jerking on the rails screaming until we come let you into the living room.

We really can't leave you alone in any room because we have to make sure those two feet stay on the ground.

When you get something or go some where you think you aren't supposed to you get so excited and start giggling.

You love to tell the dogs STOP! or NO! when they start barking or get close to you.

Your favorite food is spaghetti and you do love some chocolate milk :)

You know we are going to call Gigi every night and sometimes you will talk up a storm and others you are super quiet because you get distracted easily by your toys (or tv)

You LOVE to "read" took your first trip to the library and you went crazy over all of the books.

Anytime music comes on you are moving and grooving..I know once you can stand good you are going to be a dancing machine.

We love you to the moon and back little diva you are our world and we are beyond thankful for you!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loving Summer

Just in the past week and a half that I have been off I have realized two things one I LOVE MY SUMMERS & two I could never be a stay at home mom. I truly have realized that I have the perfect job. I get to do what I love 9 months out of the year and I get to spend weekends, holidays, and these long lovely summers at home with my family. It partly could be because my kid can sleep the entire day away so that leaves me with a clean house and lots of TV time but other than that I am glad I am a working mom. Yes I will probably change my mind about this come August but as of now I feel like I really have it made :)

On to that what have we been up to this last week. Well as I said my kid can do a lot of sleeping. I guess she is making up for those 11 months she really didn't sleep, but I am afraid she is going to catch up and I am going to be in trouble. Because from the time that kid gets up to the time she goes down for either a nap or bedtime she is running ninety to nothing. I absolutely love it though. That little personality shines through and she melts my heart more and more each day. She can wear me down but it makes for some great memories.

Here we are trying out a new hairdo...a french braid! It didn't stay long because she is a little wild and I couldn't get it as tight as I could because I knew that it was just for play and didn't want to give her a headache..ha! 

We are still going to therapy once a week and she is doing so much better....she has now gone from just standing to CLIMBING! We can't leave her alone for one second or she is attempting to climb on top of everything she can get herself pulled up against.

We started gymnastics on Thursday and she LOVED you can see it wore her out..ha! I know she can't wait to go back this week. I will try and get pictures of her in action this week too.

We have been having a little swim sessions outside in the afternoons when it cools off a little also. She is such a water baby and could stay in there all day if I let her.

We also went to Ulta and got some Piggy Polish to paint these SUPER cute little toes. I had to do it when she was eating breakfast in her high chair because that is the only time she is semi still :)

****We also celebrated Jason's birthday..poor guy always has something go wrong during his birthday and as usual it did again so he said next year we aren't leaving the house..ha!

A lot of play time going on in her playroom...she loves to use me as a chair to sit and watch TV..I guess I have a lot of cushion for her...which I am working on by the way. I have lost about 15 pounds so far and have another 15 to go by the end of the summer is my goal. These classes I am taking are kicking my tail but obviously working plus Lyla loves going to the gym daycare and playing with all of the kiddos. Yet another reason Lyla and I are made for working and daycare. You can so tell she misses all of her friends and teachers since we have been home for the summer. We have a picture of them on the fridge and every time she sees them she starts screaming with JOY :)

We also got a snazzy new alarm system put in over the weekend. It has a camera option and we can watch the cameras when we aren't at home and arm/disarm all from our Iphones..I'm loving it!!!

Speaking of climbing..I had to get something off of the top of my closet and forgot about leaving this in there and you know who spotted it and made a leap for the top..ha! 

I actually got a girls night out on the town Saturday for my friend Tobi's bachelorette party...I won't give details of what we learned but I will let you look around and guess..ha! (You can't see the shoes I have on but they were only worn for maybe 5 minutes before I almost broke my neck..ha) It was so much fun but I hadn't stayed up since 2:00a.m., for myself that is, in AGES..I paid for it on Sunday though..ha! 

I finally got around to taking Lyla to the park and my word did this kid have fun! She was not happy when we left. We will for sure be making more trips there.

She was loving getting to explore all the little things on the ground. I will leave you with a video of her showing off her strength and love of climbing :)

                 I can't wait to see what else we are going to explore as the summer progresses!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer TIME!!

Well we have started our first week of summer break and it feels GREAT :) The last week of school went by pretty smoothly and there weren't too many tears shed with the kids leaving just the fact that when we return in August it will probably look like a new school with all of the staff that is going to be hired. I am sad that some of my dear friends are leaving but I know they are going to do amazing things where they are headed and am very happy for them. I did finally get my application submitted for the Leadership Academy that is starting in our district so I am hoping to hear something back from them with in the next few weeks. If not then I guess my second plan of going back to school to get my second masters will have to occupy my time, yes I think I have gone crazy..LoL.

Last day of daycare

I have realized more than ever in the last few days that Lyla is not going to do well out of daycare. She threw a fit when we went to the sno-cone stand the other day and she didn't get to get out of the car when we left and came back home. I am trying to plan out our summer with activities through moms group, still have physical therapy once a week and we start gymnastics tomorrow also. We are going to my moms for a week at the first of July so that will be a bit of a break from being at home and then my mom is coming to stay with us for a week at the end of July also. It's so hot I want to do indoor activities but know Lyla loves being outside so much we will have to try and plan around that also.

A few ideas I have are....there is an indoor/outdoor beach pool in Galveston so I am sure we will check that out, the park, the Circus is coming to town in July, Children's Museum, and I am sure there are several other things that will come up. One of the great reasons for living in Houston is that our choices of things to do are really endless. With Jason's work schedule it is hard for us to plan ahead but we try to as much as possible.

Getting into everything

Lyla has really started to become such a cut up (she gets that from her dad..ha) and a non stop talker (she gets that from me :) ) This new personality that is starting to shine truly does melt my heart though. To see your child healthy, happy and full of joy is such a blessing it is indescribable. It seems like over night she has grown leaps and bounds especially with her standing and motor skills. We go back to therapy after two weeks today and I think her PT may have a fit when she sees what all she has decided to do since the last time we saw her.

Leaving you with a video of my little monster :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer is so close...

We have actually had a very busy past few weeks. Last weekend we went to my friend Cheryl's wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous and Lyla did so well. Even though we had to leave before cake because it was getting super late it was still worth it all (even going down the interstate backwards so we weren't late..ha). We were out on Monday which was really nice. We didn't do much but go to the grocery store where my child has gotten really good at eating through packages. You would think I never feed this kid :)
Wednesday was the softball playoff games and again we are the co-ed champions of our district, so exciting! I am proud of my team and we have so much fun and a great season. Friday was track and field, one of my favorite days of the year, and my kids did a great job. We have awards tomorrow so we shall see what happens with the overall team winner.
This last weekend we had something everyday. Friday our friends stopped by and their two kiddos played with Lyla in her playroom and must have worn her out extra hard because she ended up sleeping until noon the next morning. I went to a party with some of my friends from work and Jason had daddy duty, it was good to get out of the house for awhile. Saturday we had two parties which one Lyla slept through but we still stopped by to drop off the gifts before heading to Chelsea and Katie's going away party. I have gotten to know them both pretty well and they will be missed tremendously. Lyla again slept until 11 Sunday morning and we yay hung around the house until we got to go watch the Hogs play some baseball Sunday afternoon with the Watson's. The razorbacks won and advance to the next round so that's super exciting. Lyla was cutting up and had such a great time so that always makes me happy.
These past two days we have been running crazy trying to wrap up the end of year stuff which is super busy and stressful but I am so ready for it to be over and done with. We also joined the gym a few weeks ago so I have started going to some classes at night and they are kicking my tail but I know it will be so worth it in the end :)

Calling those Hogs 

Sweet Future Cheerleader

I can reach it...

oooohhh...I love my new toy

Yes, I can chew through this package mom!

I can get it...

Cheryl's beautiful wedding


Beautiful Bride

Living the life sleeping in the pool

Getting some goodies at the wedding reception