Saturday, November 27, 2010

56 more days to go!!!

How far along?
~32 Weeks~

Size of baby
19 Inches & 4 lbs

Sweet baby girl - Lyla Faith

She has started waking up at 4:00 the past few mornings and kicking like crazy and wakes up throughout the day to make sure I know she is doing well in there also. I love it so I don't mind at all.

I feel like I have either dropped or my belly has stretched a good inch in the last week so my sleep has not been very consistent..I wake up every few hours having to adjust.

Still have only been able to eat one meal a day and just snack at my other sittings..I guess I have officially ran out of room.

My hip has still been hurting some but other than that doing pretty well.

What I look forward to
I am counting down the days until she gets here..I am pretty upset about not getting to be with all of my family for Christmas this year but after traveling home for Thanksgiving I know there is no way I can make that long trip again (this time almost killed me)
I am thankful that my mom and Kavin are coming to spend the holidays with us. Jason is super excited because my mom has promised him all kinds of cooked goodies (chocolate pudding along chicken and dumplings) Yes, she not only spoils me rotten she does my husband as well..but he deserves every bit of it so I don't mind sharing at all. We will both be put out in the cold once Lyla gets here so we better live it up now.

I was at my mom's this week so no usual picture spot, I had to take my own in front of my mirror..ha! I feel like my stomach dropped this week and it kind of looks like it in this picture also!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

63 More Days....

How far along
~31 Weeks~

Size of baby
18 inches 3.2 pounds
(I am thinking these don't apply to my child though..when we went for the 4d Sonogram on Saturday the lady said I had a "LARGE" umbilical cord and that means I will have a "BIG" baby. Needless to say they said her head was measuring in at 32 weeks and she was already 3.8 we will see how she progresses in the next few weeks)

Sweet baby girl Lyla Faith

I think she has officially ran out of room in there and loves to kick around 2:00 and 4:30 in the morning and then starts going crazy again around 7 at night until bedtime. She kicks pretty hard sometimes but I am very thankful when she does because she she gets really still I start worrying that something is wrong..I am already turning into a crazy mom..ha!

Have had my nights...some are good and some are bad I never know until the next morning when I can barely get out of the bed because I am so exhausted or I can barely get out of the bed because I slept so hard on one side or the other.

I discovered the raspberry unsweet tea from Sonic and it is delicious!!! Other than that not much have just been really thirsty here lately so would rather drink then eat..which was not a good thing tonight I think because I started feeling really bad because I don't think I ate enough today during the day.

My hip has really been bothering me the past few weeks and continues...I am trying to do some exercises and rest when possible. I am hoping it continues to get better.

What I look forward to
One more day in this week and then I get a whole week off for Thanksgiving break. I am super excited to get a break from getting up early and rushing around all day. I now will have time to get some more things done around here and a lot of rest I see in my near future as well. Most importantly spending time with my family and eating some good food :)

forward to

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazing Weekend Part 2

Lyla's room is finally complete....well the big stuff that is. We still have to accessorize and get all of her stuff organized but I can breath easy knowing that she could come home to this :) My poor mom worked herself to the bone getting this room ready in just the 3 short days she had here, but it got done. I LOVE the way it turned out and know once we get the finishing touches in there it will be even more fit for a princess! I am so ready for her to be here and check out her new room..but I know she still has lots of growing to do before it's time for her arrival here in this world so I will just keep walking by there and imagining what it will be like once she is finally here. Pictures of the room....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Part 1 of Amazing Weekend

I had an amazing weekend with my mom and granny this weekend. It was completely exhausting but it was all worth it in the end. My mom deserves the greatest mom in the world award for all of her hard work that she put in for her sweet little Lyla this weekend. We had my second shower this weekend as well and I got LOTS of great goodies for the baby and am so blessed to have great friends that came out to celebrate. We had a great time and some great cupcakes :) Here are a few pics to remember the shower!!

Games and more games..

Yeah! Lisa got her baby out of the ice ;)

My awesome AP!
The Gals!!
Cheating granny!

Yay, for awesome friends!!
Gift table

Yummy food, and to die for cupcakes!!!

Gigi and the momma to be!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's all in the face....

It's all in the face...Here are a few pictures from our 4D sonogram this morning..she was an angel during it all! She didn't get an exactly full face picture because Lyla was all curled up pretty low but she got pretty close. It was so amazing to see and I am very thankful that my mom and granny got to be here to experience it with us, it made it that much more memorable.

She gave the biggest smile right after the lady doing the sonogram said look how beautiful you are..we are started laughing because she already loves the compliments :)

She already has a double chin..ha!
Not so happy here..we are disturbing her sleep!
Little Angel from God

You can see her little dimple on the right hand side in this one..she gets those from me!

Pictures of the nursery once it is is working her self to the bone to get it ready before she leaves tomorrow!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Weeks left vs. 70 Days

Oh how 30 weeks has gotten here so very fast....I feel like time is slowly starting to not pass as quickly now that I can see her being here so soon.

How far along
30 Weeks

Size of baby
17 inches and a whole 3.1 pounds

Sweet baby girl Lyla Faith

I can feel every bit of those three pounds in there. I guess I wake her up when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night so I usually lay there for about 15 minutes just feeling her move around..this morning I almost cried a little because it seemed so real and so close to being here.
Have started getting up more during the night to go to the my sleep is a little interrupted but last night was my first good night of sleep in the past few days.

None...I have started only being able to eat one big meal a day and just eating some snacks for the other meals..I guess I am already running out of room.

This week has been pretty rough with my hips...My friend Lindsey had this same problem when she was pregnant so it makes me feel better that I can talk wit her about it and she gave me some good tips about how to help it last night. I have been in so much pain at times when I take a step forward I almost fall down it hurts so bad. So I am starting my exercises that she gave me today and I am praying it goes away soon.

What I look forward to
My mom and granny will be here this afternoon and I am so darn excited. I know we are going to have a busy but SUPER fun weekend. With 3D sonogram, project nursery, and baby shower I will probably be exhausted come Sunday..but I wouldn't trade it for the world. So I will have lots of blogging to do this weekend to stay caught up with all of our activities :)

Happy Veterans Day!!! Hope you all have a terrific Thursday and wonderful weekend!!!

30 Weeks and growing. When I went for my two week check up Tuesday the nurse said I was measuring about a week earlier than they are that kind of made me really excited :)
Even more excited that my diabetes screening came back normal and everything was perfect as well. Lyla's heartbeat was 138 and my blood pressure and proteins are right where they need to be also. Just those feet still a little swollen but I have learned to adjust.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nesting and More Nesting!!

Well I am doing a little each day to get ready for my mother and granny's arrival so today I started with getting the Lyla's room prepared to start "project nursery" Jason and I went yesterday and picked out the chair rail for the room and then I went and picked up sample paint to put on the wall to see which colors were going to work the best. Then I went crazy organizing all I could and cleaning out the hall closet for her little things also. I am so ready to get it all finished and just sit in there every night waiting for her arrival :) We still have to find a few things for the room such as a table, lamp, and some more storage..but I am sure if we have time we will get all of that taken care of by this weekend!! Here are a few before pictures so that I can blog about the finished project next week..yay!!!!

Closet left side...Still lots of storage needed in there!

Closet Right side...a wall full of blankets and a place for all of her bows and such :)

My sample paint swatches..I think they are going to look great in there once we get everything together.

This is where the crib will go and her bassinet will be moved to our room.

There is where her changing table will go :) (We still have to move some stuff out of there just trying to decide where it needs to go.)
All of her bedding and a few other things ready to be put in their places.
The glider with table and lamp will go in that corner by the window!

The hall closet got a deep cleaning today to make room for her bathroom stuff and diapers/wipes and whatever else we need to fit in there.

Now that I have all of that done I must start deep cleaning my house and getting it momma and granny approved before they get here. I was just going to work Friday when I thought it was just mom coming because I knew she would be fine here by herself, but once I found out granny was coming to I thought it would be a great three day weekend if I just took the whole day off Friday. We don't get to spend much time together since I live so far away. Then I really got to thinking and I realized I would have really missed getting the room ready if I worked all day while my mom did it, so it worked out for the best. Jason has to go pick up the crib and changing table one day this week, so I am looking forward to how crazy that thing is going to be to put together..thank goodness my mom is going to be here for that!

Well I am counting down the days for sure...4 until my mom and granny are here, 5 until we start the nursery, and 6 until the BIG 3D Sonogram and 2nd Baby shower!!! Great Week!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

29 Weeks.....11 to go!

How far along
29 Weeks

Size of baby
17 in and 3 pounds

Sweet baby girl...Lyla Faith

She is all over the place in the mornings, well before my alarm goes off I might add...and when I sit down after dinner she is moving like crazy also. The other night and was sitting here and my entire belly moved while she rolled one of her body parts all the way down my belly :)

Hasn't been a very good week of night was the storm and the other nights I just haven't been able to get comfortable.

What I miss
Nothing at all...I have loved being pregnant

None really this week

Well my feet have really bad swollen as you have seen the past 2 one of my friends Kristin who works with a nutritionalist decided to tell me about the program they do at her office. I thought it could not hurt anything and it would be amazing if it did work so I made an appointment for there on Tuesday. It was really neat to see all of the things she did to find out what my body was rejecting and decide what all natural medications they were going to put me on to try and stop the swelling. I have been on them for two days now and when I woke up this morning they were 100% back to normal and I was able to slide my shoe right on which I haven't done in weeks. They did swell during the day but I felt like my shoe didn't get as tight and they were not near as big as they have been, so I praying that these things are working and in the next week or two it will be back to at least bearable to wear shoes and walk.

I have started having a new symptom this week with my left hip...I have started having a pain running through it at times and not even being able to put pressure on it at others. So I have tried to alleviate it by laying on the heating pad at night and it has seemed to help some.

What I look forward to
Lots of great things are happening next week so I am so ready for it to get here...starting with next Thursday
Thursday - My mom arrives into town we are going to pick up the bed and changing table.
Friday - I have to go to work, but mom is spending the day painting and getting Lyla's room ready. (I AM SO STINKING EXCITED)
Saturday - super busy day....3D Sonogram at 9:00 and then baby shower at 3:00
Sunday - finishing up the baby's room and then will be super sad when my Mom leaves..I am already preparing myself for this!

29 Weeks

Have a great weekend...I am going paint and chair rail shopping :)