Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby update and Changes

Oops. I forgot to mention that my hubby had a big birthday last week he turned the big 30 :) So we celebrated by going to out favorite restaurant the Don'key. It is this hole in the wall in Pasadena but it is really good. We usually go there for their famous Ritas, but peanut and I just had some water!

Well I started getting in cleaning organizing mode last week since I started feeling better. So I started with the kitchen. We had this tall wire rack that kept falling down so I went to Target and got this really cute shelf with baskets to put stuff in so it is not all out in the open.



Jason said one of his birthday wishes was that I would get my fridge under control so I pulled everything out of the fridge and freezer deep cleaned and ended up with three bags of trash. I guess he was did need some TLC. That trash did include some of the pantry stuff also though :)

Door Before
Door After
Inside Before

Inside After

We are starting to get the house together also. We have a tile guy coming in the morning, hopefully..he has been kind of shady the past two days. He is pulling up the carpet in the living room and laying the same ceramic tile that we have on either side in the foyer and kitchen. Since the dogs decided to eat a hole through the carpet one night, all the way to the concrete, I figured we needed to do something. I will show pics of that once it is complete. Plus some other moving around I have done.

I had my monthly follow up with my doctor on Tuesday. She said since I was two weeks earlier than they thought I will come back in two weeks for my next sonogram and blood work. A little disappointed I didn't get to see peanut but two weeks is not far off so I will survive. They weighed me and checked my blood pressure and said everything else has come back normal.
I am super excited that I leave for Dallas in two days to spend the weekend with my fabulous BFF for her bachelorette party. It is going to be so much fun I can hardly stand myself :) Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blogger Slacker...

I have had so many wonderful things happen and get accomplished and I have not even had time to blog about it.
Northwest Arkansas:
I got to take a wonderful two short plane ride to see my BFF way back from 2nd grade and my sweet niece Adeline. We had a wonderful weekend. I got there around lunch time on Friday and we grabbed some lunch and headed back home to put A down for her nap. We spent the afternoon chatting it up and waited for Jon to get home so we could have a girls night out on the town. We went and ate at Noodles, which is kind of like Olive Garden, it was really good. It was actually the first time I had eaten a real meal in like 2 that made it even better. After dinner we stopped by Target to get us some goodies for the movie. A trip is not a trip to Target unless you stop and look at the clothes. Lindsey decided to try on an outfit, with her clothes still on to say the least..ha! It was a lot of fun, then we headed over to finally watch SATC2...I thought it was fabulous :)

Lindsey trying on her outfit :) A and I in our matching purple!!!

Saturday: Jon got up and made us wonderful pancakes and we waited for A to get up from her nap and then headed off to the farmers market..It was wonderful. I really need to find something like that around here to go to because I love getting fresh fruits and vegetables. Then Lindsey knew I had only eaten grilled cheeses for the past week so she took me to this place called The Grilled Cheese...It was delicious then we headed across the street to the Orange Mango for some delicious yogurt. I was very sad that my taste buds were not up for several flavors because I would have piled them on. Saturday night they cooked fajitas and we watched little A swim in her pool...It was too cute!!

Sunday: We got up and just hung around the house, I had to a midterm exam to submit and then I got my stuff together to head back to! I was not very happy about leaving beautiful Arkansas and coming back to humid Houston...but I missed my hubby and dogs so it was all worth it. Before I left we headed to the Promenade outdoor mall which was really nice and had some PF Chang's for lunch...which was delicious as well. Then Lindsey dropped me off at the airport and I was home bound. It has been twice now that my plane has been delayed in Dallas, either they don't have it together or Dallas just really wants me to stay there every time I am trying to come home :)

Baby update:
I am 9 weeks prego. I just pray every day that this sweet baby is growing and getting more healthy every day. I was reading a blog this week and saw they lost their sweet baby boy and I just broke down into tears. It is hard to imagine that happening to anyone, but now that I have this little one growing inside of me it makes it more surreal than ever. I have been feeling 100 times better over all. A few headaches every now and again, some nauseas days, and lots of sleeping and naps. Jason loves telling me that he can't believe that my belly is and has gotten so big (which deep down I am thinking thanks honey, that is so sweet of you) but I just say that I am just praying it is because my little peanut is growing big and strong. I go to the doctor again on Tuesday, so I am very excited to see my sonogram and little peanut again to see how it is progressing.

~More later this week on my progress and early "nesting" I am doing around the house!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A lot to do....

Well I finally started feeling better this week and decided I better start trying to attempt to clean the back bedroom up for little peanut! As you can see Zeus decided to come in and help, but I think I need more than him to get all of this stuff out of this room and organized. We have already realized that we have so much stuff and our house is not as big as we thought now :) 

We have to fit the desk, piano, and all of our filing stuff plus what is already in the other room in there, did I mention it is like 10X10...gah! Well hopefully we can work something out and get it all out of there and get this room looking good!

Yeah I have let this room get out of control...thank goodness I have all summer to get it cleared out and ready to fill with sweet baby stuff!

It actually looks a little better and I made it worse when I cleared out some totes that were in the closet of old papers that need to meet the shredder.

At least the closet is cleaned out now :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our little Peanut....

Our little peanut...The doctor was about two weeks off after they measured the baby, so my due date is now January 20th. It was so funny hearing Jason ask the doctor if there was only one baby in there...His sigh of relief was truly priceless. I have felt fine baby wise but I have had terrible allergies going on 9 days now. The past two nights are the first nights that I could actually breath out of my nose and get some decent sleep. I think God knew exactly what he was doing when he made this baby around my summer break because I don't know if I would have made it through the rest of the school year with this. It is my summer break and I am just thrilled that I have 2 1/2 months to just sit and relax. Although once I get feeling better I know that I will be on the go trying to get this house ready for baby. The first task is to get the back room cleared out..It is a mess! We now realize how little room we have and are trying to figure out where we are going to put what to make room for all of the "stuff" I have already seen I want to purchase :)