Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy 9 Months!!!

Happy 9 Months Lyla Faith!!
I can't believe I am already saying 9 time goes by so quickly when you're having fun.

What have you been up to....

Weight about 19 lbs
Wearing size 3 diapers
Wearing size 9-12 month clothes
We go next Monday for all of your stats so I will put them in once we get it all back.

You have had a pretty rough month with eye procedure and sickness. This last weekend we had two doctors visits and an ER visit before you started feeling better. Your fever got up to 104.5 and I was one worried momma. Thankfully we got it down quickly and your chest x-ray and other tests came back normal so they say it was just a virus, but whatever it was I am so glad that you are better.

You still LOVE to sit in your bouncy..that is probably your favorite place, besides your high chair when you are eating well.
You usually eat yogurt for breakfast, fruit and veggie for lunch, fruit and veggie for dinner (we have tried fish and cheese during this time also and you seem to do well with it) Sometimes you will eat an applesauce pouch for late snack at daycare and before bed other nights too. 
You nurse in the mornings when you get up and before bed and during the weekends or when I am home with you. You take a bottle still really well at daycare and you love to drink water and juice out of your sippy cup, although you would rather us hold it for you :)

Elmo is your absolute favorite right now. We have two DVD's and you love them so much. 

I love to see your little eyes light up when I walk in the door to pick you up from daycare, nap or anytime you haven't seen me for at least a few seconds :)

When you were sick you really took a liking to your daddy, it is hard with his work schedule for you to spend time with him so I hated that you were sick but you did get some good bonding time in with the both of us. 

You are still not even attempting to crawl, which is starting to worry us, but I just pray that you will in your own time. You have a very strong sitting position. You will roll all over the place and when we put you on the tile you scoot yourself backwards so I am hoping these steps you will put together and get it soon. They also just changed the rooms around at daycare which should have them able to put you on the floor more there as well, so I hope you learn by example from the one that does walk and crawl in there now.

When you see me go in the bathroom and start the water you get SO excited. You kick your feet, laugh and I have to be careful because you will almost jump out of my arms to get in there. I have been letting you stay in there a little longer here lately to splash in the water. You have started to turn yourself sideways in your little duck and take all of your letters and throw them over the side and try to get them all back on. You also love to take the wash cloth and dip it in the water then hold it up and hear the water drip from the rag to your tub of water.

You think you are the funniest little thing on the block. You love watching videos of yourself (vain?? ha) I think it is really that you just love watching babies because when one comes on your video or TV you stop and just start laughing. I can hold you up to the mirror and you entertain yourself for ever. 

Zeus still loves to entertain you. We haven't been able to go outside because the mosquitos are so bad, but we usually go out there and let him run around so you can see how silly he can be. 

You still aren't the best sleeper but I just hope that with time you will get it down. You do flips in your bed at night I don't think you ever really settle down so that is the reason you wake up so often. It usually is only one time now a days.

You love puffs or any finger food that you can feed yourself. I think that you are going to be very independent because you always want to grab the spoon and feed yourself. 

You truly make my heart melt every time I look at you. You are such an amazing, happy, full of entertainment little girl. 

I want to keep you small forever but I can't wait until you grow up and see what things you accomplish because I know that you will do so much.

You are loved..... 

To the moon and back!!!!

Lyla Faith Morris - Happy 9 Months

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grandparent LOVE!!!

I wish granny and papa had to be here on different circumstances but I am SO glad that we got to spend the weekend with them. Here are a few shots from today, we love them so much and I know that they love me and Lyla so much more :)

My all time favorite!

But Papa can I please :)

Silly girl

Love these three SO much!

I see you Papa

I'm going to get you!!

Too many pictures mom...

Get over here Papa

What you doing??

Snuggle Time

I will get your Necklace granny!!

Pretty rings..

I will take those from you..ha!

We did some shopping and eating and just hung out at the hotel for the most part but every minute was worth it all.

Papa is having all of his tests ran tomorrow so continue saying prayers for him that God will give the doctors answers and good results from everything tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eye procedure and Teeth

Well we survived the eye surgery on Monday. It was pretty rough but with in the past two days it looks so much better already, just hope it stays that way. They had to put numbing drops in her eye and we had to wait about 10-15 minutes until they could put another round in there and then took her back. They said it would take about 15 minutes and I knew it was going to be the longest 15 minutes every. She went with them fine with no problem. I went to the bathroom to compose myself and I came out and immediately Jason told me to go back in the bathroom or go outside. You could hear my poor baby screaming throughout the entire building. I rounded the corner to realize I could see her back there being strapped down and I just had to run outside. People probably thought something was wrong with me because I just took out there looking up to the good Lord and praying. It seemed like only a few seconds and mom was coming out to get me. She came out with a little blood around her eye and was not a happy girl. They told us that it may bleed a little and it did for probably the first day or so and then it got better. Just a little cream is all we have to put on it for a few days so no infection can get in it. She is such a tough girl and I am so proud of her.  Here we are on our way is still a little swollen here and she was worn out.

Here is my perfect little gift from God :)

That night we went to eat (after we of course went to ToysRus and Gigi bought this girl some toys :) She was acting like she was still hungry so I gave her some avocado and you can see from the picture she didn't even play. She was eating every single bit from the hands or utensils needed..ha!

Lyla got to stay with Gigi on Tuesday and I know they had a great time. We were sad to see Gigi leave but we were so thankful that she came down to help with the procedure and to spend time with us. 

I usually check her mouth about once a week (or sooner if she bites me..ha) to see if any teeth have come in. Well I already knew that her top right lateral incisor had came in and the right central incisor was almost in...well I got to looking and her left central and left lateral incisor are through also. She now has four teeth on top. She is growing up so fast. She is "talking" up a storm and growing like  a weed but we still have no sign of crawling..I know she will get there soon enough and then I will be chasing her all over the place :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

1st pumpkin patch....

Well we wanted to do a pumpkin patch while Gigi was here, little did we know the gift if rain we finally got would go on all day today..not complaining though because it was really nice. So we ended up just going to Frobergs where they have in indoor pumpkin patch (which ended up being super hot, not very pretty and someone didn't have a good nap so didn't smile) but we made the best of it :)

What is this orange thing Gigi put in my lap??

I am just going to sit here and wait for something cool to happen :)



We also got some yummy fried pies and it was totally worth the drive for those yummy things. We also picked up our dinner fresh picked sweet potatoes, and all the fixings for salad and it was DELICIOUS!! 

I'm going to take this tractor for a drive!

Here we go....Vrooooommmm!

Gigi is so funny :)

Silly girl....


I sure do love my Gigi!!!! Even though I am not sure what you have me doing in this room with hay and orange things!!! Ha!

We are going to bed night deep in prayer because Lyla is having her eye procedure in the morning and we are all worried about her. I know that her guardian angel will be in the room with her and will guide her through the process. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What we have been up to.....

Well I figured I better write some things down that have been going on so I don't forget. I post them on facebook the day of but I want to keep track on here as well. Just haven't had much time to blog because this picture below has been what most of our mornings, days, evenings and nights have looked like. Been pretty rough on this momma and daddy (she has been wanting nothing to do with him, so it not only is hindering him from helping me but he isn't getting his daddy/daughter time)

Well it started off as like a stomach virus and she was throwing up starting on Thursday and it continued well into the next week. She only ran a fever on Sunday but was still very fussy and not started getting the congestion part of it. She had slept through the night for almost a week until this happened. Now she was up several times at night and was not happy no matter what we would do for her. It was such a terrible feeling. Well then I got sick so on top of no sleep, a sick baby, and me being in the dumps we were having a rough few days.

This week we have taken a turn in the right direction. She was not waking up at night but wasn't crying just wanted to talk and play. Which is not as good as sleeping but at least she was happy. Well tonight I reached into her mouth just to check because I hadn't in a few days and sure enough I felt something sharp on the top of her mouth. Her right lateral incisor has broken through and you can see her top two central incisors almost through as well. Her nose is almost cleared up also, and this is kind of the same symptoms she had last time when her bottom two central incisors came through.

Along with that I think she has hit a growth spurt and has wanted to eat non stop. I figured it was time to stop up her food so I talked with my friend Lindsey today and have a plan for the grocery store this weekend and hopefully will start getting her belly more full at night.

Now the fun stuff...Look how cute this ROCK STAR was today! She is such a joy to my life (even through the rough times) I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world.

She also still has showed no signs of walking or crawling...but she sure can talk. Ms. Karen was in shock when she walked in the door and Lyla told her she said "as clear as day" HI....Jason always has said Hey or Hi to her when he sees her so we also swear she says these words all the time. We think she mouths bye-bye and she loves waving now...she just looks down and watches her hand move..ha! This girl is loving some Elmo also, I got her a DVD that has celebrities and Sesame Street characters singing and she laughs and sings along with them and my heart just melts.
She also LOVES to look at her books when I read them to her. My friend Lisa has ordered her several books and they are all pink or princess and they are her favorite. We try and sit down before bedtime each night and read one. Well tonight we sat down and she reached over to her chair and I saw her pulling at it and the next thing I knew she was pulling up enough to get her bottom off the floor. I was in SHOCK. I guess we never put her around anything to give her the chance to but I guess we need to start doing it. I was more worried about her crawling because I have heard it is good for them to at least learn to crawl for a short period of time first but building those arm and leg muscles are a must also :)

Of course we are calling those hogs every weekend! Isn't this dress the cutest. :)
My angel

We are so excited because Gigi will be here in a few days to stay through her eye procedure on Monday (the crazy thing is her eye has been clear for the past two days also) I have prayed about it so much and will think it is crazy if it has cleared up a few days before the procedure. I am keeping my eye on it though :)

I am hoping my mom can bring my childhood toy box so that we can refurbish it for Lyla and I also want to find a pumpkin patch to take pictures at while mom is here also. So a busy weekend ahead!!!