Thursday, July 4, 2013

What's that noise? & Help Me!!

Kids say the darnedest things is my motto these days!

Lyla has some personality these days and some days I can't help but laugh and others I think Oh My Word this kid is something else! Her favorite thing to say these days is What's that noise and I mean any little thing she hears she is asking. Most kids I know when they are little say "hold you" but not Lyla anytime she wants to be held or needs something she immediately starts screaming "Help Me" I laugh every time because that sweet little face is so desperate when she needs something right then, of course. A few other instances
I am putting lotion on her after bath and this is what she says.
L - That's soap
Me - No that lotion Lyla
L - No, that's soap momma, you crazy!!

Me - Are you a big girl?
L - Yes
Me - Are you going to be a big girl at swim lessons today
L - Yes, but I daddy's big girl, where is my daddy?!? (She sure does miss him when he is gone to work)
I am sure there are others I am forgetting and I am trying to get better and writing them all down!

What we have been up to this summer so far. We went to my moms for our Family Reunion but we didn't even really get to stay long because Lyla was so exhausted she told me that she needed to go to granny and papa's to take a nap and she did so we missed almost the entire thing. We had a fun time but we didn't stay long because it was time to come home and try and get into some sort of routine. Amongst all of the craziness I found out that I would be starting a new job next year, which I am BEYOND excited about. I am nervous about my new job title and starting at a new school but I knew it was time to move on and get outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself in my educational career. My first full week back in Houston Lyla spend her first week of part time daycare which is working out okay. She has a new teacher that she is trying to get used to so that has been a struggle but we have our life saver Ms. Kirstin next door who always takes good care of her if something is wrong. I did a few trainings to get ready for my new job and other than that we have just been taking it easy, trying to get a few summer chores around the house done, planned some fun adventures for Lyla,  but mostly getting ready for a BIG wedding this weekend. My wonderful PIC (teaching partner and great friend Lisa) is getting married this Saturday and I am honored that she asked Lyla to be the flower girl :) I think we have everything together now I am just praying and crossing my fingers that Lyla does what she is supposed to, well the most that you can ask of a 2 year old throwing some flowers...ha! We will see how the rehearsal dinner goes tomorrow but either way it's all about Lisa and I am so excited for her!!! Pictures for that to follow later :) Here are a few of what we have been up to in the last few weeks.....

Update on Jason's mom...
She is now in rehabilitation in North Little Rock. They told Jason yesterday she is probably there for 2 weeks and then will be moved to another facility or possibly home health care, I believe is what it is called. Even though she knows who everyone is she is just having a hard time with her cognitive skills. Her motor skills they say are fine but other than that it is just a lot of prayer and time to see how she will heal mentally. She is not wanting to eat right now either which is of concern so please continue to pray for her.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Take nothing for granted...

This has probably been the most difficult time of my life this last week. We started off our summer break rushing off to Arkansas to be by Jason's mom. We still are unsure of what the outcome will be but I know that our mighty God is in control of this situation and we just have to leave it in his hands. What I have learned this last week is that you can never take one moment for granted. We didn't have a close relationship with Jason's mom but now that is all I can long for. Mostly for the sake of my husband at this crucial time in his life but also for Lyla to really know her Nana. I pray daily, hourly and think every minute of the day if we could only go back and make things better but we now just have to look to the future and know again that God is in control. 

I have really fought with the reality that being far from family is even harder when situations such as these are present but we had to come back to Houston. It is hard for all of us being away from Jason's family right now but we are just trying to keep updated by everyone that is there and hopefully will be able to travel there again next weekend with some positive updates. 

I leave you with a few new pictures of my sweet little diva that I hold closer and cherish every moment even more than before, if that is possible! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

One day I will get good at this...hah!!!

As usual I am never good at keeping up with this thing..I guess a have a great excuse that I'm a wife, mother, teacher and student all at the same time! Again I wouldn't change any of this for the world though.
What have we been up to these last few months?!?

I have done a few things for myself here lately...
A group of my girls for together and did this awesome neon dash...we had such a great time even through all of the wet paint :)

I have been going back and forth on cutting my hair short again and I am so thankful I did! It is so easy to fix and much cooler for these hot Houston summers that are approaching us!

My little diva is busy as ever

Here she is picking strawberries at frobergs

We finally got back in a routine of going to church, which has been a great blessing, Lyla loves putting on her princess dresses every Sunday morning. She still isn't excited about staying in children's church but it's getting better each week.

Her daddy is loving this! She will make us proud one day whatever she does but her daddy is pushing for softball star :)

Relaxing as always! This girl likes to kick back with her "happys" when she is finished eating. Yes, she still is in love with this thing but I promise we will get rid of it before she starts

Ms. Independent...refuses to let me brush her teeth!!!

Her sweet teachers at school love her SO much! I am so thankful they take such great care of her..we are beyond blessed with her daycare!!! They also fix her hair for me daily...6:30 a.m. Makes for an early start and not much time. She is also obsessed with her Abby potty chair that we plan on using full for
We went to an Astros/Tigers game and she had a blast!!

One of the few family photos :)

Gigi came to town for Mother's Day weekend and we had such a great time!!! 

And finally my little diva is growing up so fast!! We love her so much and can't imagine life without her!!! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend...

I didn't even realize I never posted this, so here it is a little late...ha!! Tells you how busy I have been :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Behind again... of these days I will get really good at updating this!

Well since last time Miss Diva has turned two and had an AMAZING birthday party!!! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that came to celebrate with her. This little girl is loved SO much and everyone who came has no idea how thankful I am for each of them..especially the ones that traveled so far to do be there :)

A few things from these first few months I have been trying to remember to document so I don't forget....
  • At your appointment height was 33 1/2 34%- weight 25lbs 14oz 57%- and head 19 3/4 98% (pretty sure you have never dropped below 98% this entire time :) )
  • You are my singing and dancing kid..anytime music comes on telling us to dance and clap along with you
  • You eat everything in sight at daycare and have gotten better at home but are still pretty picky most long as it is chicken or spaghetti with some type of bread we are pretty much good to go!
  • Not interested in the potty thing
  • A great sleeper..still goes straight down at night and will sleep 12 hours if it's the weekend, but not happy on week days when you have to get up for school, takes 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap still
  • You still will drink out of your sippy cup but love to have your own cup with a straw
  • You NEVER stop talking (not sure where you got that from..ha) Your vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds over the last few weeks
  • Have hit the terrible two's..but we are working through it
  • Still love some TV.. Sofia, Mickey, Gaspard y Lisa are some favorites
  • Attached to your "happys" still and usually want your monkey and blanket to go along with that
  • Became a big daddy's girl over vacation 
  • Love to give hugs and kisses..your daddy and I love it when you grab both of us and say kisses and will give each of us a big kiss and hug...MELTS our hearts!!!
  • Loves to take ask for one several times a day..ha
  • You sit in your room and "read" all the time and you say "come on mommy" and I go sit in the floor and listen
One of her birthday presents was to go see Can't Stop Singing Elmo..she had the BEST time and her daddy got her some really good seats!!!

Our Valentine's Day shoot by Lyla's BFF Mia's mom..she did such a great job! These two girls are inseparable at daycare and you can tell their love for one another in this picture :) I pray that she has a best friend like this for a very long time!!!

One weekend when Jason was off we went to Kemah and Lyla got to feed the stingrays..she absolutely loves fish so she had a wonderful time. I have so many activities planned for this summer so I can't wait for it to get here so we can start making more of these wonderful memories!

She is starting to LOVE dance...she runs in there and says dance momma! I have to get her little dance on video because she is hilarious when they do their routine and say "attitude" when they do their little leg raises..ha! She is full of it so that is a perfect word for her here lately since the terrible two's have hit our house pretty strong!

We had our first case of strep right before spring break and vacation so I am thankful I was able to get her in and meds in her before we took off for Branson.

We had such a great was nice to get away from Houston and head north and just have a little family time together. 

You are our world and we love you to the moon and back!!!