Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1 year pictures

I decided to try and take Lyla's one year pictures myself this year..I have a really nice camera and figured that I could do pretty decent and I am happy with how they turned out. Thank you to Jason's cousin Kara for helping me with the editing :)

Birthday posts will have to wait until next weekend. I want to wait until she has her Houston party and do one big post :) One year appointment is today so will get stats posted as well!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy One Year!!!

Well we will probably never be up on your actually birthday for a few years since you decided to wait until the very last minute to arrive on the 26th...11:54 p.m. but you were worth every second of the wait you gave us :)

You are SUCH a happy baby. You are so outgoing and you entertain us on a daily basis.

You wear size 3 diapers
Weight about 25 lbs
Size 12-18 month clothes
(We go next Tuesday for your year check up so we will get your stats then)

You still have yet to master the crawl..but it doesn't matter because anything you want or anywhere you want to go you can get there by "rolling" It is so funny to watch your little wheels turn to figure out how you can get somewhere by doing this. You have recently started crawling backwards but it is only for about four crawls and that sits you back onto your bottom where you can sit up again. 

You still LOVE to eat. You only nurse one time a day now and eat three solid meals, two snacks and have taken really well to drinking organic milk with two of your meals and juice with the other. Your favorites are cheerios, pasta, chicken and any kind of fruit. 

You are a BIG talker. It is either us just imagining you are saying things or you really just love to only say them once or at random times when I can't catch it on camera. Your favorite word is bye-bye (you love to go) mama, dada, hi, hey, Gigi, duck. You also can make a sheep sound and did a dog sound the other night.

You blow kisses and love to give kisses.

You love listening to music and singing.

You get so excited when we load up and head to daycare. I am so thankful that you love it because it makes me going to work so much easier. You love riding in the bye-bye buggy when you are there. 

You love sitting in the floor and playing with all of your toys and you have just recently starting rolling over to your toys in the living room and dragging all of them out. (now you need to learn and pick it up..ha)
Your not as big of fan of your bouncer because you are a girl on the move and that just doesn't do it for you much anymore.

You are sleeping SO well these days (it only took 10 months..ha) You will even let us just lay you in the crib and you put yourself to sleep. 

It amazes us all of the things you can mimic and are learning each day.

*I am sure I will think of more things throughout the day and will have to get on here and add them* :)

We love you to the moon and back and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Long time and busy...

I feel like I can never get time to sit down and talk about what's going on, but then again we are usually not doing much so nothing exciting to say :) We will have lots to share in the next few weeks though! I have been busy planning two birthday parties for the little diva! We were going to just do the one in NB but decided we wanted to share the day with our friends in Houston also! It's a very special day so we wanted everyone to enjoy it as much as we are. My mom is doing a lot of the cooking and work for the NB one so I am very thankful for her. I also took the leap and did Lyla's first birthday pictures on my own as well. They aren't professional by any means but I am happy with how they turned out and thankful for jason's cousin Kara for helping me with some editing on them. I still haven't done the smash cake session so may try to fit it in sometime this week to have some pictures of it. Maybe we can on Thursday since I already have a cake and she can have some on her real birthday :) I am still busy crazy at work with all of the paper work, beginning of year things, meetings, and lots of other things that will remain unspoken of. It's terrible that I am already so ready for my summer break to spend with my girl. She is growing with leaps sand bounds and it seems like she is learning something new everyday. I am keeping note and will talk all about it on her probably three series birthday blog posts..ha! Our weekends here lately are spent cleaning house, playing, napping and eating. I wouldn't trade these boring weekends for anything though because Lyla feels them with so much joy and entertainment, so to us they are no where near boring. Jason's work schedule has been changing a lot so he hasn't been able to be home with us in the afternoons so when he is we are very thankful. Well, guess I will get back to my birthday to do list while the little diva is taking her nap :)