Monday, January 21, 2013

I wish I was a blogger...

This is what I tell myself VERY often....I was doing so well of keeping up and updated at least once a month and  then life happened. I guess I can kind of justify it since I work full time, am getting my second masters in school counseling (which requires a lot of writing and I that is a subject I already am not a fan of) and then of course full time wife and mother. I wouldn't trade any of these things for the world though..Especially my little DIVA :)

I can't believe in just a few short days we will have a TWO year old...Where has time gone?!?! Well here are a few of the pictures I need to update since my last post!

21 Months old...she loves to pretend talk on the phone, mostly to her Gigi!!

My Cute little Halloween OWL

Loved some Dewberry Farms pumpkin Patch time!!!

Second annual Zoo Boo

22 Months and a FULL time walker/runner...I sit back now and laugh at how worried I was that she was behind but just like God has his perfect timing in everything he did with this little girl also. You would never know now that she didn't walk until she was almost 21 months old..ha!

Best Friends...she LOVES standing at the window and looking out to see what Zeus is barking at :)

She really thinks she is a country girl!!!

Papa's girl...I so wish we lived closer because she would have the best time at granny and papa's house!!

Hanging out with granny!!!

My sweet angel!!!

Our first Gingerbread house!!!

Lyla was a good girl this year and Santa came to see her!!!

Her favorite part of the holidays eating CANDY..ha!

And..Making cookies with Gigi!!

Her first snow in Arkansas...she was not having any part of it...COLD is all she kept saying...ha!

22 months and FULL of personality!!!
Her first four wheeler!
I can't imagine life without this girl...I love you to the moon and back Lyla Faith!!!!