Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not your usual Lamaze class....

Well this weekend was our Lamaze class...and I really wasn't sure what to think about it before we went. I figured we would do some of the old school Lamaze stuff like breathing an all that but wasn't sure what the updated class would have. Well needless to say I am very glad that we went. I was also worried about Jason as well because he doesn't do to well sitting still for 8 hours much less listening to someone talk about birth..ha! Our instructor was amazing though. She was very blunt and to the point but also very funny and made the day very interesting and it actually went by really fast.
We started the day by our husbands having to introduce us and tell who we were, what we did for a living, our doctors name (Jason did forget this..ha), and the babies doctor (I have been stressing about this so he knew we did not have one of those). Then I followed up with how I told him we were pregnant..followed by making sure everyone knew my husband likes to say inappropriate things at the wrong time, they sure are funny most of the time but not appropriate most of those times..ha! Then if we were going to have an epidural or not. I was getting really worried because all of these women were saying no and I was like great wrong class for me because I was all for it (until we saw the video later in the day which kind of made me nervous) but then some of the other moms were like YES YES I felt much better.
We then watched a few videos (well Jason didn't..he hid his face for most of it and said he was just listening..ha) and then before lunch we got to go lay on the mats and work on some breathing while our husbands massaged our backs we did this right before we left as well...needless to say Jason fell dozed off during the breathing activity and during my time for massage, go figure :)
After lunch we headed over to the hospital so that we could get a tour of the labor and delivery wing of the hospital and she walked us through the day when our little one arrives. We even got to see a new born being brought into the nursery so that made me very happy! Jason along with the other dads had to carry around a backpack (strapped onto the front like a belly, he would not let me take a picture of him with it on though) that had 30lbs of stuff in it so they could see how their wives feel walking around daily. They all tried to play tough and say it was no big deal until she made them climb three flights of stairs while all of the women took the elevator...Jason kept calling her the man hater because she was giving them no mercy during the day. We then headed back over to the classroom where we talked some more watched a few more videos (once again, not Jason) and ended the day.
Jason did really well with his comments and during the class,I can only remember a few that he said...
1) she was asking the guys what comforting things they could say to their wives when they were in labor..such as you're doing a good job, keep up the good work, and Jason follows with "HURRY UP"
2) Who can tell and what can you do to see if your wife is having depression after the baby is with her, ask if she is doing okay, Jason follows with "MEDICATION"
3) What do you do if your wife is beginning to tense up and not on her, give her kisses, give her a massage (without falling asleep) Jason follows with "WHERE IS YOUR MOM?"
I wouldn't trade him in for the world though...that is what never makes a dull moment in our house and why Little Lyla is going to have a great Daddy who will love her more than she or he will ever know!
I will end with a few pictures....

It was spooky food day Friday at work so I made a dirt cake with some yummy worms :)

After my friend Lindsey made some adorable onesies for Lyla for her baby shower I decided to give it a try. I started out with some burp cloths and I think they turned out pretty good. I then went a step further and decided to give her some matching onesies to go with those burp cloths. I am thinking it was okay for my first attempt...hopefully I will get much better as I keep practicing..Jason kept telling me to sit down and rest but I think he just wanted me to quit asking him if it looked all right :)

I am not sitting here waiting for my trick-or-treaters to come..I have only had a few so far and most of those were older and not dressed up...what is wrong with these kiddos! Zeus got locked out in the back because I was tired of wrestling him behind me while handing out the goodies and Mason is sound asleep on the floor..until the door bell rings again but it's must easier to hold 25lbs back than 90.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween weekend!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Third and FINAL!! 28 Weeks

Well...It is finally here I have reached my third trimester and so far so good! I had my glucose test done on Tuesday and they said if they don't call me by today then "no news is good news" I have not heard from them so I am praying that all turned out well. I can't believe I am already 28 weeks along and into my third has gone by so fast but I now feel like time is starting to drag on..It really gets like this when I am ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas break but it is 10 times harder this year when I am waiting for Lyla as well. I wasn't going to post pictures this week because I had just been exhausted and it was Red Ribbon Week at school this week, each day was a different theme so my outfits were kind of crazy, but this morning Jason said a picture was a must and I figured I would just use it on here. He said that I looked like a pure "red neck" pregnant lady this morning with my too tight camo shirt on (it was the only one I had and I was not even caring so I rocked it all day long..ha)

How far along
28 Weeks :) Yay...only 12 to go!

Size of baby
16 inches and 2.5 lbs

Sweet Baby Girl Lyla

I think she has ran out of room this week because she is all over the place...I feel one of her body parts rolling down the front of my belly at least 5 times a day...I am not complaining know because it lets me know that she is doing well in there :) Her heart beat was 148 at the doctor on Tuesday, and they said all is well with her.

Back to a week of no good sleeping. Between the dogs keeping me up and my crazy dreams it has been a rough week.

Just still my swollen protein levels and blood pressure are perfect so I decided to go to a nutritionalist next Tuesday to see if they could possibly help me out because my feet are terrible and yes 12 weeks doesn't seem to far off it really does if my feet continue to get worse.

What I miss
Nothing at all! I was thinking the other day I may miss some of my favorite winter clothes that I love to bundle up in, but then I thought about my constant body temperature being hot so I may not even need them :)

Nothing out of the ordinary...still snacking on a few Halloween snacks other than that just depends on the day.

What I look forward to
We are going to Lamaze classes tomorrow..Jason is so not thrilled for one it is 9-4 on a Saturday when college football is his passion and two I am sure he will have lots to say about the other preggers in class which should make for a fun day..ha! I am totally counting down the days until my mom is here to get Lyla's room ready also....13 to be exact and I CAN'T WAIT!! I am getting real anxious about getting in there and seeing what all we have and need to get and getting it super organized :)

A weekly picture is not complete with out crazy Zeus' appearance!!

The other was kind of dark so we moved and took another least my belly looks camouflaged this week :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and I will update you on how the Lamaze class goes this later on!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Showered with Love

I ended up taking the day off Friday to head to New Boston bright and early. I would not have been able to see my papa because of the busy weekend so I decided to leave in enough time to meet him and my granny in town for lunch on my way through. I always love spending time with them even though it wasn't very much because my weekend was packed full. I was also completely exhausted from the 5 hour drive so I was ready to get to my mom's and crash. I got there around 1:30 and crashed in the recliner. I attempted to work on my mid-term test (we will see soon how that turned out) Mom got home shortly after and we sat on the back porch in the swing and sat for a long time. I LOVE being outside and in Houston it is hard to just sit outside and enjoy nice weather since I think it reached a high of 90 something today, so I took full advantage of the nice weather when I am in East Texas. My mom was preparing herself for the Rangers game that came on that night to see if they would advance to the World Series and I am SO thankful they did because she would have been wrapped up in that all weekend if they would have lost so that was a blessing :)
I was hoping that I would get to spend some of my Friday night with my MIL, SIL, and nieces but my poor niece Kaydon got head-butted on the playground Friday afternoon and they had to take her to the emergency room to get it checked out. So, they were unable to come down Friday night. They did drive up Saturday morning though and I was very happy to see all of them even though it wasn't for very long..there is never enough time in the days anymore I feel like :( We are heading up there for Thanksgiving though so hopefully we will get more time then. Saturday was the BIG day!!! Mom and I got up and got ready and headed over to the hospitality room of our church. I was kind of overwhelmed for some reason that morning and was just trying to take everything in and talk with all of my family and friends I never get to see..but once again I always feel like there is never enough time. I was very fortunate that I got to see everyone and Lyla was super excited that we were showered with so much love and goodies! I had an amazing shower and am so lucky to have the amazing family and friends that helped put it together and came to see us. Here are a few pictures of the eventful day. (I am very sad to say that the my mother took pictures with my camera but over half of them she had the video recorder on and took videos instead and my poor grandmother all of her pictures turned out blurry..ha! Obviously our family needs some lesso
ns in photography)

My AMAZING cake :)
Lindsey being high tech and typing out the shower gift was super easy to print this morning!

Opening gifts with my three sweet nieces..Adeline in the floor playing...Kaydon being all grown up sitting in the chair watching and Hadlee checking out what is happening all over the place :)

Yay!! All of the onesies were ADORABLE....I can't wait for her to get here to wear them!
Lyla's crafty Aunt Lindsey stayed up all night and made these super cute onesies for her! She is a very lucky girl!

The girls...Me, Aunt Lindsey (holding my sweet Niece Adeline..sucking her thumb :) Aunt Amanda and another person Lyla is lucky to have, E-E that made her the most precious Razorback onesie and tutu!! Which is pictured below!!

Razorback Onesies and Tutu made by Erin :)
Food Table

Top of cake..awwww!!!

Opening another one of Jason's favorite gifts...a Razorback dress!!

My mother and I had a great time going through all of the gifts when we got back home again..I think I pulled them out a second time when I got back home to show Jason everything..he was totally not interested unless it had something Razorback on it! I am assuming this is what she will wear at all tines if he has anything to do with it. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts and making the trip to visit with everyone. It was a tough Monday today trying to get back in the swing of things so I am pretty sure I am about to hit the bath and then bed time it is for me. I have a busy week with interventions at school, field trip on Wednesday, it's red ribbon week, tons to do to still continue getting ready for maternity leave plus my regular lessons and I think I have a meeting or two possibly three somewhere in there. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and this is where I start going every two weeks and they are doing my gestational diabetes test tomorrow...I am praying all is well. I am going to talk with them about my feet also because now they are no longer going down all of the way during the night and getting even more "gynormous" during the day..if that is even a word but that truly is what my feet feel like..ha! So I will give an update soon on that. Have a great week!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

27 Weeks and "Daddy Nesting"

How far along
~27 Weeks~

Size of baby
15 inches and 2.2 lbs

Sweet Baby Girl Lyla

Yes, all of the can see my stomach jumping sometimes :)

It has been a very crazy, busy week for us this week so I have not slept well at all.

Still swollen feet..they seem to be getting worse so I am getting very concerned. Going to talk with the doctor next Tuesday, which is when I get my glucose test for gestational diabetes.

What I miss
I wore tennis shoes for the first time today in awhile and it was very difficult to get them tied :(

Nothing really

What I look forward to
I am leaving bright and early in the morning to head to New Boston for my first baby shower. I am very excited to see all of my family and friends, and to see what all wonderful things little Lyla is going to get.

Now to share some pictures with you....

27 Weeks

On another note..I think Mommy Nesting is when you are obsessed with getting your house ready for baby by cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning along with some organizing. Well I think I found out this week what "Daddy Nesting" is. Jason has been saying for the last few weeks that he was concerned with his current truck that he had in regards to the baby. It was a GMC with a very large lift on it and it had gotten to the point where I have only been in it probably twice in the last 5 months because 1) I no longer could lift my big self up into the thing and 2) it was such a rough ride I was afraid it might set me into labor or give the baby some kind of shaken syndrome..yes it was that bad. So with all of these factors and Jason very worried that there was no way he was going to be able to get his baby girl in and out of his truck the final decision was he just needed to get a new truck.......It was a very interesting and long process it started Monday night when we were at the dealership until 10 Monday night (let's just say my bedtime is usually 8 on work nights) then Tuesday we had to go back up there to get it detailed and some final things taken care of and finally Wednesday we had to go back up there because they messed up some paper work. So it was very stressful to say the least and exhausting dealing with that for three days in a row after long crazy days at work. I would have not changed any of it though because we now know that he is is much happier and no longer worried about having Lyla in the truck with him. It is a much smoother ride for myself as well and we can now go places in something besides my truck so it worked out well.
Jason's new truck :)

I will hopefully have a fun post on Sunday or Monday with all of Lyla's fun stuff and her sweet baby shower pictures!!! Have a great weekend...I know I will!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

26 Weeks and Stressing....

How far along
26 Weeks and I am already getting impatient and wanting her to be here....
Size of baby
9.2 inches and a whopping 2 lbs - she is the size of an eggplant
Sweet baby Girl Lyla
She is all over the place...She actually kicked so hard the other night she almost knocked my milk out of my hand that was sitting on my belly :)
Obviously I sleep well since my husband decided to record me snoring last night and show me this morning for a good laugh (for himself that is...and still proceeded to play it when I walked in the door this least he said that I looked very peaceful but then followed it up with especially as loud as you were..gotta love my husband)
None...just still swollen feet at the end of the day but they go back to normal during the night and start right back swelling the minute I get up.
What I miss
Nothing at all!
Hershey's Cookies'n'creme...YUMMY! I have two snack size one every day for lunch..ha!
What I look forward to
Yay...Only 7 days until I am heading to New Boston for my first baby shower and to see my family and friends!!!

The dogs didn't make their appearance this week for some reason!
The stress part comes in when I am sitting there the other night and reality hits me that this pregnancy is flying by...yet I have a feeling that once I reach 36 weeks it will drag on like no other..ha! I am sitting there the other night and look at Jason and say our baby will be here soon and we have NOTHING done, and he said I was just thinking the same thing. With Jason being out of work the last month it has just put everything off so I have just gotten worried. I know that everything will work out especially after my mom comes the first of November to get the babies room ready and I start seeing something come together :) Other than that I am just trying to take it easy and prop my feet up :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wooooo Pig Sooie!!!

Well our sister in law called us Friday night asking what we were doing the next day...and a long story short we were loaded up Saturday morning and heading to Dallas for the HOGS game! We had so much fun and the best part the hogs came out with a W!! Here are a few photos of the day....
My sister in law and me

Jason taking a look below!

Calling those HOGS!!!

Me sitting in my seat..on the end of course because we know I had to get up the most for the bathroom :)

Me and Sharee :)

We were in the pro shop getting shirts and I obviously don't pay attention to who is around me, but it's kind of hard when there are thousands of people in one small area....but I saw people start taking pictures of this guy that was standing beside me and when we started walking to the check out I realized who it was....Jermain "bad intentions" Taylor. We were standing beside each other checking out and Jason couldn't resist me getting my picture made with him...too bad for some unknown reason this is the only picture that didn't turn out all day long :( I think other people were taking pictures along with the lighting in there just didn't work out..ha!)

On a completely other poor husband tries so hard to surprise me and do sweet things all of the time, but it just seems that it always doesn't work out in his favor :)
For example, he went and got Lyla's spot held at the daycare we are putting her in next year so that I wouldn't have to drive over there. Well he told me on my way home what he had done and didn't realize I had filled out no paper work yet, so I still had to go over there and get the new member packet. I was so happy that he thought of doing that for me though it completely didn't even matter at that point because half of it was already done...yay!
Well he spent last week in Arkansas visiting his family and supposedly went on a search for pink Razorback onesies for his little girl to surprise me. Well, he had NO luck :( So, we were getting ready to head to the game and I was super excited when my sister in law Sharee sent me pics of these two ADORABLE onesies. Come to find out Jason had told her that he had been looking for some and couldn't find any well, her mom has a t-shirt machine so Sharee went to work. She got these onesies and said they had some razorback stuff at her moms and she made these!!! I don't think she realized that Jason was trying to surprise me with them and I wasn't supposed to know, but it still all worked out. He got kind of upset because he said nothing every works out for him..but once again I was so excited that he was secretly trying to find them that it once again made my day!!!! :)

How adorable are these?!?!
Jason informed me she was coming home in one of these so I better get ready..ha! I told him we will see ;)
Hope everyone's team did great this's back to work for me tomorrow (BOO! Since it actually is a holiday, but no kiddos so in trainings all day tomorrow..Lyla is thinking this is not going to be fun sitting all day, but we will survive)
Hope you all have an amazing Columbus Day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

25 Weeks and getting so much closer!

How far along?
~25 Weeks~

Size of baby?
13.5 inches long - 1.5 lbs

Sweet baby girl...Lyla Faith
We ordered curtains for her room this week I am praying that they work because they are super cute :)

YES...very exciting week! Jason got to feel her move for the first time on Sunday. It kind of freaked him out..ha! It took him forever to admit it was really her in there and not say it was just my "stomach moving" :)

I actually slept the entire night last night. I usually wake up between 1-3 and have to get comfortable again but this morning I woke up and my alarm was going a GREAT nights sleep :) Other than that have still been sleeping pretty good.


What I miss?
Nothing at all....

Well the Halloween isle got me at Target last weekend and I broke down and got me some treats, but oh they are so tasty :) This probably being the reason my child is always kicking me during the day..I have sugared her up..ha!

What I look forward to?
My monthly appointment is next Tuesday..I am so ready to hear that sweet little heart beat again. I get to go to my New Boston for my first baby shower in three weeks and spend time with my friends and family...which I am waiting for so "impatiently." Jason and I are going to lamaze classes at the end of this month and that will be interesting..ha! I know he is very excited about it he is just holding back..(right???)

Today is the first day of Passionately Pink Thursdays to supper breast cancer so I only had to dress up three days this week..ha! Jason goes to the doctor tomorrow so everyone please pray that everything is looking back on track and he will get released to go back to work, and get back to 100% very soon!

A few more pictures to share :)

You know it is not a Thursday photo shoot with out Zeus being a camera hog...ha!

On a completely other note...I am running out of spirit shirts to wear with jeans on Friday's, obviously because of the belly you see sticking out above :) So one of the girls who is on my team has a friend who makes shirts. This is the one I had her make me and I got it yesterday..How darn cute is this?? I am super excited. So, if anyone needs a cute shirt made just let me know. I am thinking of getting her to make some more or something for sweet Lyla..maybe My Mom Rocks..LoL....but what I really thought about when I saw this was I need to learn how to sew before this baby gets here so I can be crafty :)
Have a Terrific Thursday everyone!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bow making kind of day!

Ever since they told me 99.9% girl in the doctors office a few weeks ago I have been on the look out for bows..bows...and more bows, among other things but this is one of the main ones. I sure hope my sweet baby girl will love them because she will probably have more bow changes in her wardrobe than clothes :) So, my inspiration for my bow making Saturday is my friend Katy...this is her PRECIOUS daughter Blair below and one of the bows she made. She is absolutely the cutest thing ever and seeing her rocking her hair accessories who wouldn't want to have a matching bow for each outfit after seeing this..ha! Which I hope Lyla will love as much as she does. I need to start a bow/ribbon fund now or Jason will not be happy..thank goodness my mom has been on the look for for super cute bows too!

So I ventured out to Hobby Lobby this morning because they had all of their ribbon 50% off. I really had no idea what I was looking for or what sizes and stuff I needed. I was just kind of going off of instincts and figured I would try these and learn from there. Well I worked almost all afternoon trying to get them just right, and I finally got the first finished and was semi-happy with it. Here it is below....I feel like it needed to be more full but it works for my first attempt.
For some reason my husband had this glass head in the top of his closet and I remembered it as I was trying to model my bows so it worked out for something useful today :)

My next attempt turned out a little better than the first because it seemed more filled out. I think it was because of the thicker ribbon and I added the fun feathers behind it. So it is my favorite out of the two.
I had feathers every where by the time I was the dogs has fun chasing them around the kitchen..ha!

I thought Zeus would look cute in pink so I tried to clip it on his ear and he totally I just held it up to him and he snubbed me and turned his head the other way (guess he doesn't think pink is flattering on him) He is so full of personality he makes me laugh daily!

So my fingers are super sore now and I have been running around all day so I have had my bath and now I am going to catch up on some more shows and head to bed.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday.

Friday, October 1, 2010

24 Weeks....

(No picture this was a crazy Thursday)

How far along?
24 Weeks...I just feel like it is getting here so fast :)

Size of baby?
1 foot long - 1lb 3 oz...she is growing, growing!

Baby girl...Lyla Faith
Got some things ordered for her this week for her nursery so I am anxious to get them in....

She is always on the move..mostly in the mornings and before bed.

Sleep comes and night I will sleep well and the next either crazy dreams or I can't get comfortable.


What I miss
Nothing at all this week it has been pretty smooth.

Still searching for sweets by mid afternoon but I just grab a piece and gum and that usually ties me over for a bit..I did get some candy corn pumpkins and eat a few of those during the day :) I LOVE Halloween candy so this is not a good sign..ha!!!

What I look forward to?
This is an exciting month. We are celebrating breast cancer awareness at school the month of October so on every Thursday of October we get to either wear our shirts we purchased or a pink shirt with JEANS :) My maternity jeans are so much more comfortable than my work clothes so this makes me very it means I only have to dress up three days out of my five now. We have a school field trip and there are some other things going on at school but my brain is not yet awake this morning :)
Jason should get cleared to go back to work next week so this will be a great blessing, just hope his arm continues to get better.
Most importantly my first baby shower is this month and it is my one back at home...I AM SO EXCITED. One because I get to go home and see my family and friends. It is so hard living away from them and it has been months since I have been home. So I need the 23rd to hurry and get here.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!