Monday, April 30, 2012

Stats and a lot of fits!!!

Well we went for our 15 months check up today and it couldn't have went better. The doctor said Lyla is right on track and seems to have the mentality of "marching to her own beat", which we already knew this was the case :)

Height: 31 1/4 in - 70%
weight: 22.9 - 42%
head: 18 3/4 - 90%

She actually is a lot higher in percentage for height than we thought she would be. Guess since she doesn't stand all the way up she looks short :)

She put on a show at the doctor's office today. Saying all the words she knows, pointing to all of her parts of body she knows and just talking and laughing up a storm. Dr. Thomas said her vocabulary is way more than what they like to see at her age and that is good but can see she is just going to walk when she wants. She said keeping up with therapy for the next few weeks to progress things but she has no doubt she will be walking by 18 months.

I did talk with her about Little miss diva's fit throwing she has been doing. She said this is normal and that just make sure she isn't in danger of hurting herself and walk away until she calms down. This weekend she bit herself four times on the arm because she didn't get her way...she then was mad because she hurt herself, guess she won't be doing that again...ha! Then last night she was obviously not happy with the dinner choice I has chosen for her and she picked up a handful of food and threw it at be screaming...I told her no as I went down to pick it up off the floor she picked up the rest and threw it on top of my head. (can you say Jason's kid...I can!!!) She has done much better tonight and has only throwing cup once and it was empty she that meant she wanted!
I know this is only the beginning of many more, and worse, fits so I an preparing myself :)
I am SO counting down the days until summer break....27!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 15 Months Little Diva

Words CAN'T explain how amazed and blessed we are with you Lyla Faith!!

You bring so much joy to us and we love watching your little mind work, grow and just come into your own personality daily. I have no idea where the last 15 months have gone but they are have been the best 15 months ever. 

What have you been up to??
(We go for your well check on Monday so we will add stats then)

You weigh about 21 pounds

Wearing size three diapers and 18 months clothes.

Size 2 1/2 tiny :)

You are one of the happiest little girls I know, although you have been throwing these little temper tantrums here lately when you want something or don't get your way..I know it is a lot of communication so we are working on that.

You are still crawling all over the place, pulling up to your knees and walking on them and are doing a lot better standing once we put you there but still struggle to get all the way up to your feet on your own. We hope to start therapy this Wednesday so we will see if that progresses you any, which I pray it will. 

You are a BIG eater., you should be with those twelve teeth. You eat three full meals and two snacks during the day. You drink two things of milk and two things of juice during the day. You aren't a big fan of water but if I have a bottle you will drink a little out of it for me. 
You nap okay..about an hour in the morning and another in the afternoon but night time sleeping is your thing. During the week you usually go down around 7:30 because I have to wake you up early, around 6:15 M-F so on the weekends you usually don't wake up until 8-9. Which is so nice..if I sleep in it is nice but if I can't then it allows me to get some things done before you wake. 

You still love daycare and class time that you have each day. They say you are so sweet to all your classmates but sometimes you play a little too rough...ha! Ms. Nadia says that you are super smart...too smart for your own good most of the time but that doesn't surprise me with as stubborn as you are at times :)

You love for anyone to chase think it is the funniest thing, especially Daddy or Zeus. 

You talk all the time (unless we want you to do or say something and you won't..ha) You probably have 15 words in your vocabulary if not more but you don't use them consistently. 

You are pretty good about playing in your playroom but when you get tired you scream at the baby gate until we let you out to come and explore the living room for a bit.

You love being outside. We usually only get to go for a ride on your tricycle a couple times of week and try to go to the park on some weekends but time usually just gets away from us.

You still love some Elmo but have started to venture out on some other shows too just because Sesame Street was about to wear this momma out..ha!

You are hooked on singing Old Mc Donald and playing the B game that you play with Ms. Nadia each day. As of now you love pulling your books down and pretending to look and read them and I hope that continues. 

You are such a bright spot in our day and we have no idea what we would do without you. 
We thank God everyday that he blessed us with such a sweet angel!!!

We love you to the moon and back my little diva!!!! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

7 weeks left...

Yay!! I can smell summer around he corner. I am beyond ready and just taking each day by day and knowing I can make it :) This week drug on so slowly. I did get a half day on Tuesday though because some little diva decided she wasn't really wanting to go to daycare that day. They called me and said she was not running a fever but refused to eat/drink and would not calm down. I told them I would be there around noon well before I could even get there they were calling me again saying she was getting worse. I walked in the door and she was sitting at the table grinning and eating get lunch :)

Thank goodness she was fine the rest of the day because granny and papa were coming into town and we went to visit with them. I hate the reason they are having to come to Houston but I love getting to spend time with them when they do come. I miss being away from then terribly bad and makes me really homesick when they leave. Lyla was such a sweet girl when we were there and I know it made then happy to spend time with her.

We started softball Wednesday night and we did pretty good for no practice and it being the first game of the season. Again the little monster was a sweet angel and even getting to bed at 10:00 she didn't cry once :) she did get to sleep in Thursday and spend the day with her daddy and I'm sure she and he both enjoyed that thoroughly.

This weekend we had a wedding shower on Saturday for my friend Cheryl. We didn't get to stay long because it was during Lyla's nap time but I know she got lots of nice things. Sunday Lyla and I went to church, just played and got everything ready for another full week! We have another STAAR test this week so it's going to be full of restless kiddos and tired teachers :)

Well meant to post this Sunday but going to go ahead and post about our few days. Lyla woke up at 4:00 this morning screaming, I walked in her room and she was shivering and I knew she had a temp...101. I got my sub plans ready, and tended to her. We both went back to sleep for a little bit and then got up and ready to head to the doctor. They couldn't find anything wrong except they all said they jinxed us because they were just talking about how they hadn't seen us in awhile. I told then we would have been there next Monday for her well check :)
Thought she was going to get better but after her three hour afternoon nap her temp had jumped to 102.7, gave her some meds and she seemed to do fine until last night. She went down five and woke up at 10:30 screaming and ended up not falling back to sleep until 2am. She stayed home with Jason today and he said she did great but her temp has came back up and we are hoping she sleeps well tonight. Going to wait and see if she gets another day at home with dad tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have missed you Mac...

Well I FINALLY broke down and decided my data could not be saved and let the Apple store install a brand new hard drive to get my computer up and running again. So I am back in business using my camera again as well so that I have somewhere to put my photos onto. Trust me I have learned my lesson the hard way and will back up and save everything in 12 different ways from now on..ha!

Here are our pictures from last weekend during Easter..My little girl is growing up so fast!!!


What goodies are in this basket??

Working on my standing....

Living the life in the pool...paci and all :)

This week was kind of a crazy week. I hate that the weeks that you only work a few days seem to DRAG on forever. We do only have 8 weeks left and I couldn't be more excited. We didn't start softball this week because they didn't get the schedule together in time but that is okay because starting this week we will be in our full uniform and I am super excited :) We ordered shirts for our softball team this year and even got little Lyla one with "Monster" on the back..ha!

I also had to take off last Wednesday to take Lyla to her new potentially new PT. We LOVED the facility and lady. She was so patient and loving with Lyla during all of her meltdowns which made me feel so happy. She said that there is nothing wrong with her EXCEPT the fact that she just DOESN"T want to stand. She gave us some pointers to work on at home with building strength in her core and helping her stand up straight. Well when the appointment ended she told us the only times she can work with Lyla are at 3:00 on Wednesday's. Do these people not know I have to work :( Well I think we have figured out a schedule in order to get her in with in the next few weeks instead of having to wait until I am out for summer break. I am hoping that it will only take about 6 sessions to get this taken care of. By the end of our hour eval she already had Lyla standing straight and taking steps to the side. Again, this lady was amazing!! So we shall see what happens in the next few weeks.

We had a community garage sale this weekend and made a few $'s but most importantly got rid of a lot of junk and everything out of our storage unit so that we don't have to keep it any longer. I did something to my back a few days ago and think moving all of those things around the garage yesterday did not help any because my back is killing me today. Lyla's nose also starting running last night and she was fussy all night long and didn't sleep well last night. So today guess we are just going to rest up and get ready for another full week starting tomorrow. Hoping this week goes by quickly and we are down another week on our countdown.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

10 week mark down and Happy Easter

Well we survived the last two weeks and only have 9 more to go, thank goodness because this four day weekend totally teased me with being off for summer break.

We haven't been up to much except playing, napping and eating :)
We are in transition for a new PT so I am having to take off Wednesday of this week to get another eval done at her hopefully new and improved pedi PT that will work wonders and get our girl up and walking.

Friday we attempted pictures with the Easter bunny and that ended tragically bad so maybe next year..ha. Saturday we just went to the grocery store and hung around the house. Sunday we got up and went to church, did a mini Easter egg hunt with photo shoot of course and then the Watson's invited us over for a yummy dinner and some lounging by the pool. Little miss diva was having the time of her life floating in her raft and taking it easy.

Also we are finally getting my computer fixed as well so can get all of the pictures off of my camera from Easter weekend. Losing everything that was on it but I have come to terms and have learned the hard way now and will make sure it's all backed up in the future.

We are starting softball season this week and I an super excited because I love this time of year, just hoping our little early sleeper can handle any later games we may have.

Other than that just counting down the days until we are out for the summer. It's been a rocky year at work and I am beyond ready for the break and hopefully a fresh start next year :)

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!!!