Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lazy week..

Well we have had a few quiet days around the house. I just wanted to sit and love on my little girl because this was our last full week together. She has started "talking" so much more this week and I just love sitting her in my lap and us having little conversations with one another. Daddy has been out of town most of this week so when he came in and heard all of the noise she was making he couldn't believe it. Our little girl is growing up so fast.

Sporting her Razorback onesie that my friend Erin made her..she looks so cute here!!

Going to see mommy's school (with my snookie do) and all of her friends for the first time..she got passed around so much and stayed sound asleep most of the time..she was a good little girl and it is going to break my heart when I have to go there without her next week. For some reason though this week I feel like I have just had this over whelming feeling come across me telling me that everything is going to be fine and she is going to settle in well and those 8 weeks will fly by. I truly believe it is God telling me have no worries because he is in control of everything and he will take care of us as we make this new transition.

We moved her swing to the other side of the TV and set up a little play area for her I am still working on it but I decided to go ahead and put together her bouncer. Her feet don't hit the floor just yet but she loves sitting in there and looking and listening to all of the goodies attached. Zeus was not so sure about what was going on but he is just so nosey he has to be all up in new stuff that we pull out for her.
A funny story about Zeus...well I started working out this week after I put her down for her morning nap. I set up the baby monitor in front of her swing and head out to the garage where the treadmill is. Well I was getting my work out on when I heard a rustling sound on the monitor. The screen had went black so I hit the view button to see what was going on and I almost fell out of the treadmill when all I saw was one big eye and a snotty was Zeus who had his face crammed into the camera..ha! I wish I could have gotten my phone out fast enough to take a picture but he didn't say there long enough. He is such a silly dog.

Speaking of starting daycare...this was my first step into getting ready. I got these really neat labels from my BFF at my shower and they are super cute so I got her paci's and bottles I just have to get her clothes finished as well. I don't go back to work until Thursday but she is going to spend a few hours there Mon-Wed to get used to it and I am going to use that time to deep clean the house, get a mani-pedi, and even a massage and facial (Thanks to my BFF Amanda for my birthday present)

My little precious...we are not sure what her eyes are doing as far as color goes they seem to change a little back and forth everyday!!

My friend Kristin makes these super cute and BIG towels and she has started a business making them. I had to take a picture of the Diva in hers and put it on her website...I love this picture because it shows how curly her hair is wet but it dries so straight! Another feature we will have to wait and see what happens with it.
Well Daddy should be home sometime tonight and we will get to spend the next few days with him and we are very excited. Today we are just going to get my oil changed and go buy some groceries since I have to start packing my lunch again next week.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Two Months

We can't believe our baby girl is already two months old. She is growing so much and time is flying by.

2 Month Check-up
Height : 21 1/2 - 38%
Weight : 10.8 - 64%
Head : 15 3/6 - 91%

She got her first round of shots and surprisingly I didn't cry and she only did for a short time. I had a bottle ready for her and just loved on her for a minute and then she ate. I think that may be the trick from now on. It was only one shot and then the oral so I am VERY thankful for doing the alternative schedule as she doesn't have to get so many at one time. I am afraid of what would have happened if she did because I think she broke out in a rash just for the two things that she did get. She never ran a fever though so I am thankful for that.

What she has been up to...

  • Wearing size 1-2 diapers
  • Wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothing.
  • She nurses about 6-8 times a day for about 30-45 minutes. You usually take one bottle a day.
  • When you nurse you love throwing your hands back and taking it easy.
  • When you get mad you sweat like crazy. I have had to wash your car seat boppy head support almost every time I get you out because it is soaking wet. It is kind of cute though because your hair curls right up when it gets wet.
  • You were a really good rider at first but now you don't ride as well. Hopefully it's because you remember the long trip you had to take and think I am going to make you stay in there almost 6 hours again.
  • You LOVE sitting in your bumbo. That is where you are most content..other than me holding you. You will just sit in there and talk and talk.
  • You HATE tummy time..I put you down there and you are good for a few minutes then you throw a fit...You get so mad you forget you can roll over to your back. (We have to do this tummy time though or your Aunt Lindsey will get we are keeping it up..ha)
  • You love sitting in our lap with your head on the boppy and just looking are very nosey.
  • The doctor said you can hold your head up at a 4 month old level..which we already knew because you have been trying to look around and see the world for ever now, you just have to see what is going on around you.
  • You have started following your daddy or me when we walk away or when you hear our voice.
  • Your hair has been turning lighter each week so we are thinking you are going to have brown hair with some natural highlights
  • We are still not sure on the color of your eyes also..they look lighter sometimes and back darker the next.
  • You love trying to suck your thumb but you still keep them tucked in between your two fingers so you whole hand usually does the trick. This makes you slobber every where...
  • You will just sit in our lap and smile and coo for ever if we would let you.
  • You FIGHT your sleep so bad because you want someone to rock you if you don't fall asleep eating..those poor nursery workers next week are going to be in trouble :)
  • She is going down at night from between 9-10 and sleeping until 3-4. She goes back to sleep and gets up around 6-7. She sleeps in her bouncy sleep during the night. I have tried her bassinet several times but it is still unsuccessful. She will NOT put herself to sleep in there and when I lay her in there asleep she wakes up with in the hour SCREAMING bloody murder. So I am still trying until I go back to work but there is no way I can do that when I have to go back next week because I am already going to be exhausted I have a feeling. So she may just be sleeping in there until summer break and then she will be a few months older and I will have the afternoons to rest..ha! You just have to do what works best for you and that is what I am doing. (This is awful to say but I did sleep in my moms bed until I was in second grade and with Jason back on the road and going out of town all of the time he even said the other day she will probably be in our bed for awhile..ha!) Oh well she is going to be our one and only so I am okay with letting her..I saw that now and I may regret it in the next year or two...but you have to pick your battles :)
  • You are going to be in for a rude awakening because you start daycare a week from tomorrow. You are only going for a few hours Mon-Wed so that we both can get used to it but it will be all day Thursday and Friday. (mommy is very sad about this)
  • You spit your paci out when you know it is about to put you to sleep but you can hold it on your own if you want.

Happy two months baby girl your daddy and I love you to the moon and back.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Trip Part II

Well Wednesday we just hung around the house to rest up from our few days of travel. Thursday we headed to Texarkana to surprise Gigi at work..It was St. Patricks Day so you know we had to dress the little Diva up in green so no one would pinch those cute little cheeks :)

We were also waiting for Aunt Amanda to come into town and we were so excited when she did...we headed over there as soon as she called us! She was a little fussy but we still got a decent pic...thanks Clara for taking it!!

Then Friday was an even bigger day...Lyla had her two aunts Lindsey & Amanda, cousin Adeline, and Brookie come over to visit her...she was VERY excited! I think I was more excited than her though. She had not wanted to take a nap all day but as soon as Aunt Lindsey go those momma hands wrapped around her and rocking she passed smooth was so sweet it just made my heart melt. It makes me sad that we don't all live closer to each other so we can do this more than just a few times a year.

Adeline checking out Lyla..I LOVE this picture. She is going to be a great big sister come September.
Lindsey's MIL and Adeline's Tiny made these SUPER sweet outfits for the girls and we just had to get their pictures made in them. It was a struggle getting them to look at the camera at the same time and sit still but I think it turned out pretty cute! Another reason I wish we lived closer so they could see each other more and grow up playing together and being the best of friends like all of us were. (Maybe one day)
We had a house full by the time it was said and done...Whittington and Momma Jill joined us and then rolled in Jason, Papa and Granny. It was great that we all got to see one another and visit for the afternoon I hated to see everyone leave. We hadn't gotten a picture with Papa and Lyla yet so he held her for just a split second so that I could get a pic of the two of them.

We went to eat with granny and papa that night and then got up early Saturday morning to head to Arkansas. We had a really good time and was glad that Jason's side of the family got to get some Lyla loving as well. Here she is all dressed up for Sunday church...she did great again!
Jason's grandma was so ready to see Lyla...I thought this picture was super cute of the three of them :)

We also had another big time when I went to town trying to pull Kaydon's was pretty lose and it took a lot of screaming, some pulling and FINALLY I got it out..ha! I thought she was going to be mad once I finally just yanked it out but I think she was more in shock than anything..ha!

Jacob, Kim & Asher just built this beautiful new home and were sweet enough to let us drag our entire house in there for the few days we stayed. Kim was an amazing hostess as she cooked dinner, lunch and breakfast for us...Jason didn't know what to think about that as he does not get that kind of treatment here at home :)
Thank ya'll so much for letting us stay.

We headed back Tuesday morning and Jason came straight back to Houston to pick up Zeus and he thought he was going to have to go to work that night. Thankfully he didn't and he was here Wednesday afternoon when we got home to help unload my packed vehicle. We had a pretty good trip back to Houston...we left in the morning this time because she takes much better naps and it happened to work out a lot better. We only had to stop once this time instead of three. We had a great trip and were very thankful we got to see so many family and friends. We were exhausted and glad to be home no traveling for us for awhile.
We went to the doctor today but we will write about that tomorrow when we do her 2 month update..She is growing so fast!

First Road Trip to Gigi's Part I

Well I loaded up the car Thursday afternoon and hit the road. I am thinking that was a big mistake because her afternoons are not her best time. The first 50 miles I had to stop two times because she was was awful! I thought I was going to have to turn around and come back home. She finally calmed down and we made it to Nacogdoches and she ate and then slept the rest of the 2 1/2 hour trip to my moms....Thank Goodness! Well it took her a few days to get back into a decent routine or even let my mom hold her..but thankfully she got better as the week went on. The one thing I did not bring was her swing from home...I was desperate come day two so I went to wal-mart and bought her a travel could tell she was not very happy with it because it wasn't her swing from home but my Sunday she was so tired she just gave it you can see below!

We stayed around the house on Friday trying to get rested up but Saturday we headed out and went shopping with Gigi..she was such a good little girl. It was her first time in her stroller and she did pretty good. We did have to get her out a few times and walk with her but other than that it was fine. She went to church for her first time also..she was such a good little girl! She just laid in her seat and looked up at the lights and then she went sound asleep!
Monday we headed out to meet her granny and papa. This was the first time they got to see her and they are in LOVE! Here is granny talking with her after she had a blow out and almost got it all over her..ha! She got to meet so many people from our family and she loved every minute of it.
I think her favorite person was little Miss Allie...she just let her hold her and just looked up at her..I got a lot of cute pictures with them. Here she is telling her a little secret :)
Then on Tuesday we headed out to meet some more of our family and friends...we went out to the office to meet some other very important people in my lives and have been for a very long time!!!

Nana Jill

Pappy Whittington

We got a picture with Tater Tot Jana also but for some reason it didn't upload to my's on my Facebook though :)

Gigi was working in New Boston that day so she came home during lunch to get her some Lyla loving...She was so happy that we were there and we were also!

Here is Lyla pretending to sing a song to her daddy when I was video taping her to send it to him as his good morning!!

Part two to come tomorrow....We headed to Arkansas!!
We have our two months shots tomorrow and I am SO dreading it...Pray that I don't have a nervous break down tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's been awhile

We've just been chillin' at the house!

It has been two weeks but we just have been so busy we haven't been able to catch up on what we have been up to. Lyla's little face has been so broken out that we have been trying to figure out what is causing it. It is a little baby acne and the doctor said it is also caused by the small case of cradle cap she may have. I have noticed that when she lays on my clothes that it gets a little worse also. So we have started washing all of our clothes in the free detergent and I started using Aveeno baby lotion and wash as it has started helping also. We have really just been hanging around the house a lot and getting some much needed rest. We also went to the doctor and they were afraid that she wasn't gaining enough weight so we are making sure that she is eating regularly and staying awake is the big issue at feeding time. I think she has put on about a pound but we will know for sure next Friday when we go for our 2 month check up and the dreaded shots..YIKES!!
We have a pretty good routine down now and hoping it stays pretty much the same except for her getting up twice at night :)

I have learned how to throw some pretty good fits if you don't give me what I want!

This is how she LOVES to sleep..but is so mad when she wakes up because she can't get her head back up..ha!
She goes down about 10:30 at night and wakes up around 4:30 (which when I go back to work in a few weeks if this schedule keeps up I will not be able to go back to sleep with her super sad face..ha!) Up around 7:30 to eat and back down for a nap from about 9-11. Eats and plays for about an hour and goes back down for her afternoon nap between 1-2 and sleeps until about 4. She usually just cat naps between 5-10:30 because this is her "not very happy time of day" We usually give her a bath around 7:00 and just shuttle her from rocking, to tummy time, swing, bouncy seat, play mat and where ever else I think she might stay content for a few minutes so I can get stuff done!
Her favorite place in the afternoons is her bumbo..that thing has been a BLESSING the past few weeks since I realized that she can actually hold her head up in it!! Jason calls her his little person when she is sitting in there because she looks so grown :) We are at my mom's this week and then heading to Arkansas this weekend so hopefully I will have lots of pictures and things to talk about.
Speaking of daddy will have me calling those hogs before you know it :)