Friday, December 30, 2011

11 months/Christmas/Tubes

This is one big blog of almost all of December..ha! I still haven't gotten the hang of it (plus Jason is now using my computer and I can't blog from my Ipad as easy as I can from hopefully we will get him his own soon)
11 Months

Well Lyla Faith I am a little behind on your 11 month picture and update but we finally got it done today...What you have been up to;

~You weight about 22 pounds and are about 21 1/2 inches long..I think you are a little petite thing when I see other babies but you are a really good eater so I don't worry.

~Size 3 diapers

~Yay!! You finally are sleeping through the night (we got off a little during the break but it only took one night and you were back on) You still fight going to sleep but once you wear yourself out you finally give it up and pass out. You always used to sleep on your tummy but here lately not only are you sleeping on your back, side, looks like your head some nights because you are from one side of your crib to the other...I hear you are a wild sleeper like I was "am" so I guess you inherited that from me...ha! "Don't worry I won't let your friends make you sleep on the floor..Lindsey and Amanda..Love ya'll :)

~You are a rolling still will not crawl. You will get up on all fours like you are going to get what you are looking at but then you will flop down to your belly and maneuver yourself in every direction by rolling to get there. It is hilarious to watch you. I still am worried that you aren't on track but I know that all babies are different and I don't see any developmental delays and neither has the pediatrician so I just pray that you are a non interested lazy little girl who will pick it up soon :)

~You are a BIG still nurse when you wake up and before you go to bed but other than that you are nursing and bottle free. You eat a big breakfast, lunch and dinner and you eat two good snacks also. You love some chicken, fish and pasta. I love how you pick the way you eat your's usually the cheese, fruit, meat, and then some of the veggies..ha! 

~You think Zeus is the most hilarious thing ever

~You LOVE some Elmo or actually TV in general..something can catch your eye on the tv and you will just stare forever

~Speaking of staring you can for sure give some looks also. 

~You still love your bouncy but do really good playing on the floor with all of your toys.

~Bath time is probably your second best thing besides dinner time.

~You still love going to daycare, which makes this momma very happy!

~You have gotten a lot closer to your daddy here lately and I think that makes him very happy as well.

~You love to mock everything that we love for us to cough and you do it right back to us (sometimes not in the most appropriate places. like in church the other morning when you were mad at Kavin because he wouldn't play the coughing came with you during Bro. Ken's

~You can say bye-bye, mama, dada, hey, hi, we swear you are saying other things when you want like duck, baaaa (sheep sound) Gigi, and I know there are some others

~You still only have 6 teeth those two on top just refuse to come in

You really are our little entertainer we get so tickled at some of the things you "say" and do. We love you to the moon and back and can't believe you are 11 months old...It can't be!!!


I think my expectations of Christmas were a little lacking this year. I guess because I always imagined baking cookies, setting up for Santa and such but I know that Lyla is not old enough to do those things or understand so I already have things in mind of traditions and things that I want to start next year when it will mean more to her and us. 

Lyla and Gigi being silly.

Give me that present

My rockn raffi the giraffe..not real sure about this.

We didn't get into town until Thursday night after Lyla's ear procedure. I now think we should have just waited but didn't want us traveling the day after and her have a long day with eating and opening presents at grannys house. With the procedure and getting off of her schedule and being away from home was a rough week with trying to get her sleep. It didn't help that she got a stuffy nose while we were there so she couldn't breath and that was hurting her sleep as well. We just went to NB for Christmas and weren't able to travel to AR but hopefully we will be able to soon. We opened presents Saturday night and Lyla had a great time seeing all of the goodies she received. We got up Sunday morning and went to church and just hung out around the house the rest of the week. I was sad to leave but very glad to get home and get Lyla back on track with her sleep because I was one worn out momma.


My poor baby had to get tubes in her ear last Thursday morning. It was a tough day waiting to get finished with the procedure but she got through it like a champ and everything went well. I am glad it is over and realized how very thankful that we are as we saw all of the other moms and dads in there with all of their babies who had way bigger problems than we could ever imagine.  I now hope this will eliminate all of the fluid that kept building up in her ears that was causing all of the problems. We go back in 6 weeks for a check up to see how they are doing. We will get them out in about a year if they haven't fallen out before then. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas

Masters Graduation & Lyla updates

Well the day finally came....I officially finished my masters degree in August but wasn't able to walk until today. I am glad that I did it and am SO thankful that Jason was able to come and that mom and granny drove all the way there and turned around and had to drive all the way back home today. It meant so much to have them there and I am so very thankful to have the wonderful family that I do. They have always believed in me and have supported me through anything that I wanted to do. My sweet husband got home at like 2:00 this morning from work and got up and made the trip with us also, and of course my little pride and joy Lyla faith was perfect during the entire ceremony. 

The graduation ceremony went pretty quickly once it started which was good because I was starving and my child had not had a nap so I was afraid of how she was acting up in the stands. When it was over we went and ate at what we think is Lyla's favorite restaurant by the way she eats every time we are there, Carinos. I am sitting here waiting on the phone call from mom to let me know that she made it  home okay. 

My sweet angel!

4 Generations!! These two women are what I hope and pray to be like as a mom..they are my inspiration and I love them like crazy!

Lyla Updates...
I hate doing New Year's resolutions because I feel so pressured to do them I don't...ha! I am making it my goal to stay more up to date on what is happening in our lives as little Lyla is growing because I have not done well here lately because I am just been overwhelmed with work and with Jason gone a lot here lately practically being a single mom. I wish I could just translate my daily posts to facebook on here and that would help a! I am quick to put something on there to remember but wish I would do the same here.

Well our goal for the next two and a half weeks while I am off of work is to work on getting Lyla to start crawling, I am probably totally going to regret this when she does, but I am just tired of getting those stares of WHAT?!?! when people as how old she is and then say is she crawling or walking all over the place and my reply is NO :(
I know there is nothing wrong with her because she can stand in her bouncy, hold on to Jason's arm and stand up from the side of his chair, get up on all fours and rock back and forth, and this kid will be from one end of the house to the other, by ROLLING, if you take your eye off of her for a second. She can roll, scoot and get anywhere that allows her to go from left to right or backwards but the problem lies when the only direction she can go is forward and she gets stuck and starts screaming..good grief :)

She has been waving and saying bye-bye for awhile now, it is more consistent now as before she would only do it when we were saying by to her daddy. Here in the past few days she has started to blow kisses bye-bye. She did it at daycare on Friday and did it several times to mom and granny today and along to a few strangers I heard also :)
She is FULL of personality...we just sit here and laugh at the some of the looks she gives or how well she can ignore you when she knows you are talking to her. 
If she is upset or anytime actually this kid LOVES music. She has recently started singing to the music, super loud. It is so cute and it melts my heart. 

I think that is all for now..Only a few short days until I have to do her 11 month update..OMG! It can't be :( My little girl will be one before I know it!!!