Sunday, February 26, 2012

A month in review....Happy 13 months!!

My how the months are flying by and how much you have changed and the new things you have learned in a month...

First let's talk about the previous month we have had. When we went to your well care check up for your one year stats the doctor saw that you weren't wanting to put pressure on your feet when you were held by another person. She didn't have immediate concern because she had seen that you had been behind on other milestones such as sitting up and crawling. This was in part to the constant ear infection you had from practically August-December until when we finally got the tubes in your ear. Because the night after tubes you started sitting yourself up :)
 She also referred us to a program called the ECI - early childhood intervention. I really didn't ask questions about this because I was kind of worried about the x-rays she was having us to go get. Even though she assured me that she didn't think anything was wrong but just wanted to be proactive. I talked with the ladies at daycare and they were telling me that she would stand against a toy if they put her there and that made me feel a little better. She then did it for me later that night at home, which again made this momma very happy! I was putting the x-rays off because I wanted to give her a few more weeks to see if any progression took place and try some of the strategies I had found to help with these motor skills. I decided to go ahead with the x-rays the weekend before we left for Jason's grandma's 90th birthday party so that I would stay busy and keep my mind off of the weekend wait of results the following Monday. She also did so well getting her x-rays which made it that much easier.
Well she obviously just wanted us to spend an extra $150 on tests because out of no where once we arrived at Jasons' parent's.....she started CRAWLING! (on my birthday of it is something I will never forget) Yay! You don't know how excited this momma was once she started doing this. And of course they called me Monday to say that her x-rays came back perfectly normal..thank you Jesus!!!

Already getting into stuff...

She is now a girl on the move. She used to just stay in her playroom but that is no longer...she is all over the place. She is also pulling up to her knees to find stuff and pull it down (the reason we are baby proofing the house this weekend..ha) Her progression has amazed me over just the last week when she started crawling. I am so thankful that things are moving forward and it is less stressful I feel like. Because I never knew how much one could worry or care so much about something until little Lyla came along. You constantly worry that your child is not reaching their milestones or not doing what other children are doing at their age. I love getting advice from others and hearing what their children did at Lyla's age to give me reference but I also learned more than anything this week that you take everything with a grain of salt. As a mom you know what is best for your child and it is not always what others are going to think is right or what they would do, but it never will be. So listening to what others say and taking it into consideration has been a great tool from other moms but I also feel that I have to do what is best for our family. So we have set a timeline for her and have set some appointments for later in March and will continue to watch her progression and go from there. She is a full spirited girl with her own agenda and I wouldn't trade that for the world :)

Now onto my sweet little Diva being 13 months today...How can it be????

You weigh about 23 lbs
Wear size 3 diapers
Wearing size 12-18 months clothes

You are still nursing in the morning when you get up but that will be a thing of the past come spring break. I hope you the transition goes smoothly. I have a feeling it will because other things we have gradually changed you have done really well so far...I am just praying this will be the same :)

You eat three good meals a day, plus two snacks, drink out of your sippy cups well also you usually take two milk and two juice daily. You eat at your own pace though. The ladies at daycare have just learned to let you sit there and they know you will eventually eat. I think it is in part to you still being so nosey and interested in everything going on around you that you have to take constant breaks..ha!
You still LOVE daycare. You get so excited when we get there in the mornings you are already telling me bye-bye before I can sit you down..ha! 

You are a girl that loves to go...when I saw are you ready you throw your hands up and starting yelling bye-bye :) (that is your favorite word by the way)

You still only have 6 teeth..four on top and two on bottom.

You love chasing zeus around the house and trying to get his we have to make sure they are put up (you also found his food and water the other day so it had to be relocated as well)

You are in heaven when we put you in your playroom. You just go from one toy to the next, dragging everything out. We have started singing the clean up song at night so maybe one day you will know how to do it on your own...ha!

First horse ride

You got to ride a horse for the very first time last weekend and it made me so sad that we don't live in the country like I did when I was growing up because you love to be outside so much, and we are limited to things like that here in the city.

You go to bed around 7:30 every night and usually sleep until around 6 in the morning. We have to leave by 6:30 so M-F I am glad for this time but on the weekends we could use some sleeping in :)
You take two okay naps during the day...still a morning nap around 9:30 which is about 30 minutes to an hour and the same thing in the afternoon around 2:30.

The rodeo in Houston has started so we celebrated "Go Texan" day on Friday

You love Elmo, singing, bath time, peek-a-bo, TV in general..ha, all of your toys but especially your's so funny when you know it is about to go off because you start blinking really fast,, you are very easy to entertain which is good and bad at the same time because you now find things you shouldn't to play with.

You also love going for a ride in your new tricycle we got you for your birthday...we have been trying to go on afternoon rides and you just smile the entire time we are going. 

You can say momma, dada, bye-bye, hi, hey, Gigi, night-night, and several other words when you want to. I see those wheels a turning daily so I know it is only a matter of time we will have to watch what we say and watch around the house. 

We can't believe a year and a month has already flown by so are such a joy and a blessing in our add so much entertainment and we can't imagine a day without you!!!

Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back!!

(13 Month pictures to I said I have been crazy busy and didn't get the photo in today)

Go Diva it's your birthday!!! (so behind)

This has been sitting in my edit box for WEEKs now...this will tell you how busy I have been so today is catch up on blogging day :)

Lyla Faith you are so loved and such a Diva you got to have two birthday parties for 1st birthday!!

Two weekends, two parties and one exhausted momma but wouldn't have changed one single thing about the these two weekends. We started the first weekend with our family party in NB. We were so glad that we were able to do this because all of our family lives north of us so we thought it would be nice to all meet in a central location for most of us. Lyla didn't have a very good nap before her party so she was a little tired but I think she had a really good time. I felt like I didn't get to visit very long with anyone because of trying to take care of things but I was so glad they were all able to come and celebrate with us.

Here you are sporting your B-day outfit :)

Your Gigi's friend made your ADORABLE cake. I knew she would do a great job and she did. I don't think it could have been more perfect. I found some decorating ideas on Pinterest and other sights to help decorate for your party. I didn't get a lot of pictures that I wanted such as the tables and all because we were running around late trying to get everything finished!

Here is you and your daddy :)

Your granny had this lady make the CUTEST wreath for your party!!

Here you are about to blow out your birthday candle :)

Yummy Cake!!

Your sweet cousin Adeline helped you open up all of your presents...we were so glad she got to come and help you! Sweet Love!

We were so thankful everyone came to help celebrate your first birthday!!!

Your HOUSTON party!!

Here you are eating some more yummy cake!

Here you are opening SO many wonderful presents that you received from all of our sweet friends that came out on a rainy nasty day to celebrate with you. We are so thankful for each of them!

Here is one person that I miss so much this year and I am so glad that she brought your "future boyfriend" Alexander over to see us!!!

Oh momma, what's in there?!?!

Here you are showing everyone your rolling skills!!!

Decorations from the party.....

Front table..after the candle was almost all gone..ha!

One of my favorite projects was your monthly onesies...I can't believe how much you changed from month to month and I am so glad I did this project!!!