Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where has the time gone...19 Months!!

Well little Miss 19 Month old, not much has changed within the last month!
Weigh about 24 pounds and still wearing size 4 diapers and 18-24 month clothes.

We have now progressed from the Lyla shuffle on your bottom to upright walking on your knees. I know one day you will eventually just get up and walk J We are no longer going to therapy since I have gone back to work and her schedule doesn’t allow her to have a 4:00 spot. We are monitoring her going back to daycare and if no progression in the next month then we will figure something else out.

Starting back to daycare has really thrown her off these past two weeks but Friday when I dropped her off she didn’t cry and she even slept two hours during her nap. I am sure this will all change come Monday as she is moving up to the number 2 room which means no more crib..YIKES! Her napper came in and we have been trying to lay on it in her playroom so she is used to it but I know it will be a huge change for her come tomorrow. I am sure they have trained several children to sleep on them but it just makes me very nervous. Thankfully they did tell me that they have an emergency crib in there which I have a feeling she might be in there come tomorrow..LoL

You are a girl of MANY words. You will just sit and talk (we have no idea what you are saying most of the time) but it is fun trying to figure it out. Some words don’t sound very nice for example her “what’s this” sounds like a lovely four letter word that starts with an S…ha!The other day I asked you what something was and you responded with "it is a fish" I almost fell over because it was like you were making a complete sentence and like seriously mom I know it's a fish..ha!

You still love watching some TV but if we turn it off you will immediately go over and start playing with your toys.

You love crayons and coloring but you are still bad about eating the crayons (lol) so we have to limit it. I did find some finger paint that only paints on paper at Target today so I am sure she is going to love that.

You love to get your picture made and say cheese anytime you know I am taking your picture.

It's so funny because you will only really stand up when the Hotdog song is playing at the end of the Mickey Mouse show...maybe I need to record it and just start playing it over and over :)

You have started giving the dogs a run for their money…they run away and hide from you most of the time.

You are such a sweet and loving girl. You give so many hugs and kisses and it just melts my heart.

You are still going to gymnastics and LOVE have started getting up and dancing to the music! I love it!!!

You love to make a fort in the sheets and hide under it with your daddy, you think it is the funniest thing!

You still love anything with pasta in it and are getting better about eating new things too. I hope it continues because starting Monday you will be eating lunch from the cafeteria at daycare. A lot less work on me and a fresh hot meal, so I think it will work out great!

You know all of your body parts, can mimic most of the animal sounds we give you and when we ask you to say your ABC's you will say A, A, A..only a few more letters to learn..ha! You love for us to sing you the 1-4 song off of Sesame Street and any nursery rhyme will catch your attention too.

We love you to the moon and back and you fill our days with so much joy and we can't imagine life without you!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

18 Months and Full of Personality :)

Well this is obviously SUPER late getting posted. I have just not made the time to sit down finish it :)

**I will try and get another post up this week sometime about all of the fun things we have done over the last month**

You weigh 23.7 pounds - 61%
Height 32 in - 56%
Head 19 in - 93%
The only thing you have stayed consistent in is that 90th percentile with your super smart brain inside for your head :)
You are in 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diaper

Yes you still refuse to walk but I know any day now, hopefully in the next weeks after you start daycare you will get up and go. You still go to therapy once a week and gymnastics will continue once a week as well. You will walk your torso straight up but do what we call the Lyla shuffle around the house on your knees.

You are still a great sleeper, we have a good routine that we stick to and it has worked for sometime now. Although when we switch it up in the next few weeks we may have to make some adjustments.

You are a lover of music you now dance anytime music comes on and it's so funny when you really get into it and start bouncing up and down standing at your TV table. 

You love for us to clap when you do something good. You also will throw your hands up and go ta-da like you have just finished your perfect move. 

You have started to interact more with the dogs over the last few weeks. You aren't very nice sometimes and we are trying to teach you to play nice but thankfully Mason will just run away and Zeus wants the attention so he will just sit there and take it.

You have started getting pretty picky with your eating at some meals but then the next day you will eat anything we put in front of you. Your favorite is still spaghetti and would probably eat it everyday if we would let you.

You are a girl of words, if we can ever get that crazy paci out of your mouth, you will talk and talk. Sometimes we can make out what you are saying but other times we can't. For the longest time I thought you were saying cat, but I realized you are running "what's that" together and asking what everything is that you point at.

You have also started going to more people than just me or your dad, I have a feeling you will be our little social butterfly once you start getting on the move.

You are still a TV junkie and love some Elmo but you will sit and play with your toys and entertain yourself for hours..which is good since that only child title is yours to keep :)

You are a lover of water as well. Anytime we go to wash our hands or you see the bathtub you immediately want to get in. I had to hide your water table also because you wouldn't get in the car if you saw it when we were leaving from the garage.

You are so easy to take places because you are such a happy girl but you love to get into everything so I pretty much spend my time running after you!!

Your favorite game to play with daddy is for him to throw the covers over your head and hide in their like your playing with a fort...I see many afternoons of forts being built all over the house if this keeps up. You will just laugh and laugh and get mad when he takes the covers off.

I am hoping the transition back into daycare is smooth...I am so worried because we have had some incidents here lately but I know the ladies there are wonderful and will get her back into the routine with only minor set backs..ha!

We have been trying to cut back on the paci but I am afraid that has been unsuccessful as well but I know you won't go to kindergarten with it just like you won't crawl there like I saw you are now so with time I know these are all just phases that we will get through and then something else will come along that we must tackle.

We still call Gigi every night so that you can talk to her but some nights you just talk up a storm and others you just could care less. I know keeping this tradition up will one day payoff and you will be calling her by yourself every night.

There is nothing more in the world that we love more than you Lyla Faith....

You bring so much joy to ours lives and we thank God every day that he chose us to be your parents!!!