Sunday, March 24, 2013

Behind again... of these days I will get really good at updating this!

Well since last time Miss Diva has turned two and had an AMAZING birthday party!!! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that came to celebrate with her. This little girl is loved SO much and everyone who came has no idea how thankful I am for each of them..especially the ones that traveled so far to do be there :)

A few things from these first few months I have been trying to remember to document so I don't forget....
  • At your appointment height was 33 1/2 34%- weight 25lbs 14oz 57%- and head 19 3/4 98% (pretty sure you have never dropped below 98% this entire time :) )
  • You are my singing and dancing kid..anytime music comes on telling us to dance and clap along with you
  • You eat everything in sight at daycare and have gotten better at home but are still pretty picky most long as it is chicken or spaghetti with some type of bread we are pretty much good to go!
  • Not interested in the potty thing
  • A great sleeper..still goes straight down at night and will sleep 12 hours if it's the weekend, but not happy on week days when you have to get up for school, takes 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap still
  • You still will drink out of your sippy cup but love to have your own cup with a straw
  • You NEVER stop talking (not sure where you got that from..ha) Your vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds over the last few weeks
  • Have hit the terrible two's..but we are working through it
  • Still love some TV.. Sofia, Mickey, Gaspard y Lisa are some favorites
  • Attached to your "happys" still and usually want your monkey and blanket to go along with that
  • Became a big daddy's girl over vacation 
  • Love to give hugs and kisses..your daddy and I love it when you grab both of us and say kisses and will give each of us a big kiss and hug...MELTS our hearts!!!
  • Loves to take ask for one several times a day..ha
  • You sit in your room and "read" all the time and you say "come on mommy" and I go sit in the floor and listen
One of her birthday presents was to go see Can't Stop Singing Elmo..she had the BEST time and her daddy got her some really good seats!!!

Our Valentine's Day shoot by Lyla's BFF Mia's mom..she did such a great job! These two girls are inseparable at daycare and you can tell their love for one another in this picture :) I pray that she has a best friend like this for a very long time!!!

One weekend when Jason was off we went to Kemah and Lyla got to feed the stingrays..she absolutely loves fish so she had a wonderful time. I have so many activities planned for this summer so I can't wait for it to get here so we can start making more of these wonderful memories!

She is starting to LOVE dance...she runs in there and says dance momma! I have to get her little dance on video because she is hilarious when they do their routine and say "attitude" when they do their little leg raises..ha! She is full of it so that is a perfect word for her here lately since the terrible two's have hit our house pretty strong!

We had our first case of strep right before spring break and vacation so I am thankful I was able to get her in and meds in her before we took off for Branson.

We had such a great was nice to get away from Houston and head north and just have a little family time together. 

You are our world and we love you to the moon and back!!!

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