Friday, June 14, 2013

Take nothing for granted...

This has probably been the most difficult time of my life this last week. We started off our summer break rushing off to Arkansas to be by Jason's mom. We still are unsure of what the outcome will be but I know that our mighty God is in control of this situation and we just have to leave it in his hands. What I have learned this last week is that you can never take one moment for granted. We didn't have a close relationship with Jason's mom but now that is all I can long for. Mostly for the sake of my husband at this crucial time in his life but also for Lyla to really know her Nana. I pray daily, hourly and think every minute of the day if we could only go back and make things better but we now just have to look to the future and know again that God is in control. 

I have really fought with the reality that being far from family is even harder when situations such as these are present but we had to come back to Houston. It is hard for all of us being away from Jason's family right now but we are just trying to keep updated by everyone that is there and hopefully will be able to travel there again next weekend with some positive updates. 

I leave you with a few new pictures of my sweet little diva that I hold closer and cherish every moment even more than before, if that is possible! 

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